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Joan Bauer meets Ruth Reichl in this charming middle grade foodie series As the summer winds down and Gladys Gatsby prepares to start middle school she is nervous about juggling schoolwork and looming deadlines from her secret job as the New York Standard’s youngest restaurant critic When her editor pushes for a face to face meeting to discuss opportunities with the paper Gladys knows she must finally come clean to her parents But her perfectly planned reveal is put on hold when her parents arrive home with a surprise  her Aunt Lydia one of the only adults who knows her secret fresh off the plane from Paris Gladys and Aunt Lydia try one last ruse to fool her editor at the Standard but even with her aunt’s help Gladys just can’t manage the drama of middle school and a secret life It’s time for Gladys to be true to herself and honest with her friends and family regardless of what those around her think

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    This review is from my fifth grade daughterThe book was like my moms super delicious brownies The suspense and conflict was the books sugar and butter I finished it in one day it was so good Tara Dairmen's third book was even better than Mrs Anderson's infamous brownies