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Candy lives in Chickentown USA the most boring place in the world her heart bursting for some clue as to what her future may hold She is soon to find out swept out of our world by a giant wave she finds herself in another place entirelyThe Abarat a vast archipelago where every island is a different hour of the day from the sunlit wonders of Three in the Afternoon where dragons roam to the dark terrors of the island of Midnight ruled by Christopher CarrionCandy has a place in this extraordinary world she has been brought here to help save the Abarat from the dark forces that are stirring at its heart Forces older than time itself and evil than anything Candy has ever encountered

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    This review is weird to write because I liked this book Really I did In fact I shelved it with my semi favorites I enjoyed it that much But then I thought about it and realized that it's glittery trippy exterior had masked its faults and that Abarat is worse than it seemsHere's why I liked Abarat Abarat is not a book It's an experienceThe whole thing is exuisitely bizarre and beautifully grotesue; populated by an odd cast of characters ranging from John Mischief whose 7 brothers grow from horns on his head to Rojo Pixler entrepreneur and owner of the industrialized island of Pyon to Christopher Carrion the Lord of Midnight who wears a water filled collar swimming with nightmares It takes place in the Abarat; an archipelago of 24 islands where on each island is a different unchanging time of day And there's one mysterious 25th island Each island contains its own wonders; the Nonce three o'clock in the afternoon is the home of dragons; Pyon 3 o'clock in the morning was recently industrialized and is the location of Commexo City; the Gorgossium Isle of Midnight is perpetually shrouded in red mist and home to the evil Carrion familyimage error

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    One of these books that stay in mind because they are so uniuely written and perfectly master the genre mixIt´s a funny trip trough different elements of horror sci fi and fantasy from a multitalented writer director and painter This man helped the evolution of the horror movie and created memes and tropes for generations and writes unbelievable books like this too It´s such a rare occasion because screenwriting and writing novels may be similar but directing and writing novels is a really great achievement

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    This is an excellent book That doesn't mean you should take it as a life model

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    I think you have to want it to happen to you to open your mouth wide enough to swallow another land of magic the best friends you'll ever have in your life maybe you're special than you realized and the funny feeling there's a movie of you going on is real um other people do do that right? All the eyes are on you and it's the nightmare that you're naked on the first day of Oops It's delicious fear feeling You're naked and it's the first day of class Open wiiiiiiiide But you WANT it to happen It doesn't make sense if you don't Magic and great beyonds? Peace love and understanding? It's in THIS world There is no plot description on the book jacket of the paperback copy of Abarat in my possession The back cover is half rock star image of Clive Barker he does pretty much everything in entertainment I think You get an earring for art and another earring for films The goatee is for novels It's royal purple too The rest is one word uotes from critics about ualities it possesses Clever and Whimsical among others Hey they've got a thesaurus and a dictionary I don't have one It doesn't tell you anything if you are like me and look over the already mega famous Clive Barkers of the publishing world They'll always be there and didn't he do those Hellraiser films? They should tell you something shouldn't they? Is this the fantasy book about a young girl who finds she is special in the land of adventure that you've always dreamed of reading again? There are critics uoted at length inside in the flap One said stuff about how it turns Alice on its head like a horror version of Alice and she meets dangerous people instead of friends Um no Alice was the book where a girl didn't want what she wished for and met a whole lot of confusing assholes Like a foriegner who dreams their whole life of the US of A yay and gets there and Chinatown has the better food so they stay there and never talk to anyone else I like that Candy uackenbrush of Chickentown USA Minnesota wants to be in the land of Abarat She'd get off the tour bus if she were to travel to far off lands That's the best thing Abarat has going for it Chickentown is pretty bleak The chickens have large talons There are jobs related to chickens and not much else I'm a vegetarian so I was feeling and kinda loving the hell I bet those heads run around without bodies and the bodies without heads Clive Barker did a good job of Abarat the alternative too The islands of the time of the day was a good way to do time travel time is made up anyway and it can be a different hour if you hop a plane right? The people had their own lives and weren't there until the heroine showed up to save the day That was the other best thing going for it Like the real world has problems not in a deliberate mock up of this world in that world problem yay no world war II analogies It's just if you gotta live anywhere chances are pretty good it'll not be that great for everybody The difference is living in color and living in chicken heads and feet colors I've lived in nothing towns like that It suckedThe problem is not that it is Candytown I was ready to destar this a notch and the second book when my suspicions of reincarnationsoul body sharing turned out to be true Of course it was true That's why so much was a convenient coincidence I can forgive time travel if there are rules in place But this is like cheating on character development and that's like the worst thing ever in my book Barker you couldn't have come up with anything better than this is because it was what Princess Boa would have done? The there already to explain away because it had already happened before the story takes place? Nuh uh Write about Candy if you want to write about Candy and write about this Mary Sue Princess Boa chick if you want to write about her I know who I'd pick There are too many chase scenes The whole book is a series of chase scenes I didn't mind so much until I got to the second book and there were chase scenes BoringHave you seen the film Labyrinth with David Bowie? This is very much one of those you gotta want it to happen movies David Bowie in tights If you don't want that then you won't like Labyrinth So Bowie plays this uestionable bird like dude who reigns over pitiable monster like creatures and chases after the girl who will be his captive love and he can moon over and still be totally evil with all the while claiming it'll be some great big change because he looooves her That's Carrion of Abarat all the way I liked the pitiable creatures Shape Carrion's deformed right hand his left hand never trusts the right hand Shape has a bad deal really and truly was my favorite It's not a travelogue or about saving the day for him His life sucks and he hates who he is I felt thatOkay so it is pretty obvious to anyone who has ever read one of these that Candy is gonna make friends If you like this you want to know what's different I'm grumpy in retrospect 'cause of the spoiler reason I'm reading it 'cause of the making friends thing If you can believe it Is that lame? I was sad as hell when Dorothy has to go home when Milo of The Phantom Tollbooth has to go home the Narnia kids until they become religious tight asses anyway I like that so much better than defeating the ass of evil parts That's the dream right? You can move somewhere different and you won't eat nothing but fortune cookies until you dieThe freaking spoiler reason Too much foreshadowing and wise old ladies shades of Sleeping Beauty talking about what is gonna happen No no no I might be lured into love with David Bowie tights but I am not that easyAlso in book two Candy pisses me off for getting onto another character for stealing food as if she didn't totally steal food in book one Hypocrite God how annoying I stopped liking her after that I must admit It was like she was the resident and not the visitor in a bad way It depends on what you want maybe I want someone to believe in and root for I've got a wanderlust thing going on and relate to the desire to pick up and run away at a moment's notice Do they have to really be special for SPECIAL reasons? Can't they be special for some thing that no one would ever think to notice? That'd be pretty cool I don't know I kinda liked this but I felt something was missing and not something missing in the special girl goes to special lands and does special things formula The missing ingredient is loooove Love of what it started out with until my spoiler suspicion took overwhelming shape and I started to get ticked off Maybe he'll redeem himself in the rest of the series If there are chase scenes I'll be ticked off again That's a whole lot of redeeming to do Don't run Open wide

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    October 25 2018 Rereading a Third time this time listening to the audiobookThis is the second time I've read this fascinating imaginative adventure story It is intensely creative with characters and a world only the mind of Clive Barker could conjure upIf you'd like to take a journey through an extraordinary world with the bizarre and freakishly curious things that live in it then this is definitely the book for youLike Night and Day this story has a bit of an odd disturbing and eerie dark sideBut also has a magical humorous and encouraging sunny sideIt is undeniably a book you will never forget and it is without uestion still one of my favorite booksbe sure to check out Clive Barker's Abarat books 2 and 3 as well Days of Magic Nights of War Absolute Midnight

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    I was never a fan of Clive Barker's In fact I find most of his movies laughably bad So when my uncle gave me this book for Christmas and I saw Barker's name written across the top I am sure my uncle received a very strange and uestioning glare from meBut then he explained to me why he bought it We are both artists and the book is based upon a series of paintings that Barker spent 6 years creating My uncle had read the book and wanted to share it with meBoy am I glad he didWhile the first bit of the book while the main character Candy uakenbush is still in Chickentown is a bit of a haul to get through the rest of the book is completely wonderful Barker's descriptions of the land and creatures of Abarat are so perfect you don't even need the paintings to picture something Although I recommend reading the version with the paintings since they are so wonderful and do add an element to the bookThe first book is of a setup for the rest of the series Taking you on a voyage through part of Abarat and establishing the environmentKeep in mind that these books are for young adults and they are on the dark side I wouldn't consider them horror stories at all they are fantasy but there may be characters that could be thought of as scary there are bad guys of courseI have recommended this book to everyone I know I instantly fell in love with it and immediately ordered the second book upon finishing so I could read them consecutively I can't wait for the third to come out later this year This is a great young adult series that will surely be a classic story in years to come

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    This is one of those books that I adored in a way that I can't really describe I'm sorry I just can't It was amazing in ways that I can't tell youIf you like fantasy or science fiction or horror or anything along that particular slant read this bookIf you're going to BUY Abarat be sure you pay a little extra and get the version with the full color illustrations throughout It would NOT be the same without them

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    I had decided prior to my reading of even the first page that I was going to give this book an entire star purely for the illustrations which I briefly skimmed beforehand As such my score breaks down as follows 4 stars for the wonderful story writing and characters1 star for the gorgeous and enchanting artwork AnywayMy very first Barker book A marvelous novel one that starts what is assuredly to be a fantastic seriesI really liked this book I almost find it hard to believe that it's categorized as a YA work It's so unlike most contributions to the genre both in terms of its story and its presentation I have only a few small complaints and these pale when compared to the awesome that is the rest of AbaratNo ridiculously lengthy review for this one Just a brief summary of my thoughts Hopefully that will be enough to convince you that you need to read this book Like right now Are you reading it yet? No? Fine You'd better be by the time we reach this review's final sentence You do not want to know what happens if you aren't Ready? GO What's Amazing The WorldbuildingThe worldbuilding in this book is just bizarre and I mean that in a good way Barker has a very potent imagination and this story just bleeds creativity from every page It's beautiful and head scratching and confusing and uniue I absolutely loved it The WritingThe writing is practically flawless It has such a poetic and dreamy uality to it that you feel as though you're reading a fairy tale All I had known about Barker up until this point was that he writes surreal horror Finding out that he has such a way with words was a wonderful surprise The ArtworkThe artwork just sells this book Crafted by Barker himself the bountiful illustrations may not have the most detailed or realistic of styles but are gorgeous nonetheless Having some new surreal splash of color every few pages was a real treat and helped me envision the author's world in a uniue and gorgeous way What Isn't So Amazing But Still Works The PlotThe plot is fun and moves along briskly but is problematic in that it feels too much like a setup for the seuels This is a relatively lengthy book and yet nothing much actually happens Candy is unwillingly whisked away to one new situation after another at a rather dizzying pace which makes the flow of events feel a bit forced In the end no real progress has been made in the great scheme of things and this is frustrating Because it is the first installment in the series I can accept the fact that Abarat almost amounts to one big complex prologue to the real story with the expectation that we get some real progress in the seuelAnother issue is that certain parts of the story feel a bit too clichéd We've got Evil Villain who wishes to destroy the world and remake it in his own image the most dastardly of all nefarious schemes and is partially at least the way he is now because view spoilerhe was scorned by a lover hide spoiler

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    I always tell my students that if Clive Barker weren't so talented he would be eating people for a living Though this is a young adult novel it still has elements of the macabre Occasionally Barker becomes enthralled by his own imagery but overall the plot moves uickly and you really care about what happens to Candy and what will become of our world once the fate of the Abarat has been decided I was eager to start book two and have not been disappointed with what I've read so far about two thirds

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    Upon rereading this teenaged favorite present me enjoyed this less A lot of the mystery in this first book is revealed in the third so knowing the secrets made this read less exciting Remembering correctly teenager me loved guessing at who Candy would fall in love with which has never been the point of this book really but that's where a lot of my past excitement came from I have loved the seuel to this book than this one in the past so I'm interested to see if that is still so