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Jake Harker is an outsider a loser whose nose is always in a horror comic That is until horror stops being fiction and the Pale Man and his demon Mr Pinch stop Jake on a dark deserted road That night under a tree called the demon's dance Jake will learn the true meaning of terror

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    I have just finished this book after spending the entire afternoon in a bid to finish it And I have to say that I could not of spent the time better Absolutely stunning This is the single handed best first book in a seriestrilogy that I have read in the past few yearsI was gripped right from the word go The first chapter well the prologue really was a perfect opener I mean a boy has his throat slit in the first four pages That'd make anyone want to read on right? RightI really don't know what I can say about this book without giving too much away So much happens it's so jam packed Hussey's description is phenomenal the horror is described with such detail that some scenes left me physically shuddering and having to pause to calm down It's that scary in places Therefore I wouldn't recommend this book for anyone under 12 or anyone who has a weak stomach Read at your own riskDawn of the Demontide is the first book in a planned trilogy It is the kind of book that you find extremely hard to put down I've had trouble I'll be honest A rick rollocking read that makes you feel like you're on a rollercoasterIt is amazingly narrated The twists and turns are brilliant Kept me guessing right until the endLike I said I really don't know what to say I'm just completely blown away I know this review probably reads messy but I'm just on such a buzz right now Mr Hussey you are a genius and I cannot wait to read the next 2 books Gallows at Twilight Jan 2011 and The Last Nightfall September 2011 William Hussey is one to definitely watch Go out and get a copy as soon as you can Seriously do not miss out

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    What's good Jake's development and arc at the end thinking back to Chapter 1 Jake is unrecognisable compared to the boy he is at the end and yet his character development occurs so smoothly throughout the book that you don't notice it happening In other words it's totally believable and extremely well crafted What he manages to do at the very end does not come across as contrived at all despite where he began in Chapter 1 and at the same time he has kept the essence of who he always was too While there was straight up evil on one end of the spectrum and the pure magic of the Oldcraft on the other only revealed towards the end in the middle was a whole mess of grey the humans particularly were deeply flawed with uestionable motives and terrible decisions including the children I thought all that was interestingWhat's not so good I struggled a bit when we come out of Jake's POV I tended to want to skimread those parts The dialogue could have been better and the Elders could have been interesting as individuals

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    The first in a terrifying trilogy read on if you dare Jake could now see the demon fully Its body was a mass of steely sinew its arms roped with muscle Six fingers sprouted from its hands each ending in lethal talons The thing did not possess a nose; instead a large hole bubbling with green mucus occupied the middle of its face Mr Pinch's tongue flickered between his teeth and slurped across his fat lips He was hungry When a violent storm rages around the little village of Hobarron's Hollow a young boy is sacrificed 'for the greater good' His blood is used to seal a mystical doorway and prevent an apocalyptic disaster known only as the Demontide Twenty five years later another boy Jake Harker is about to be drawn into the nightmare of the Demontide Witches and their demon familiars stalk his every move and his dreams are plagued by visions of a 17th Century figure known only as the Witchfinder When his father is abducted Jake must face the terrible secrets kept by those closest to him and a shocking truth that will change his life forever From UKI've had this book sitting in my TBR pile for a whileand I wish I had read this book weeks earlier I cannot tell you just how incredible this book is I absolutely loved it The book has everything the fantasy fan could possibly ask for with a hint of most if not all of the sub genres of fantasy It’s like nothing I have ever read beforeAt it’s heart Dawn of the Demontide is an urban fantasy but a dark one There are a few tiny moments at the very beginning when I cracked a smile but there isn’t much light relief in the form of comedy in this book It’s dark it’s edgy and it’s dangerous I wouldn’t say it was a horror myself but it’s a fantasy with a tiny step in that directionSet in a made up English town with some mentions of London this book had a very real believable feel to me One of the things I loved which also added to how real it felt was the mythology Jake is a huge fan of all things horror and over the years of reading comics books non fic and watching movies he has this vast knowledge of horror conventions dubbed by a friend his “dark catalogue” which he ends up falling back on to get him out of some scrapes These may not necessarily be things we know ourselves but things he has found out from the stories he’s read himself – which may not actually be in existence but are surely based on some myth I could be wrong there it may just be me seeing as I’m not a fan of horror horror fans may pick up and know some of the things Jake mentions A lot of research has gone into Jake’s dark catalogue and the fact that some of what he knows – parts of which the reader may recognise – is real makes this story very believableThere is plenty of action but most of the magical kind Although plotlines are not similar I felt there was a strong Harry Potter feel to this book; the “uest” element and Jake trying to work things out with the help of his friends In some ways it almost felt in my opinion that this book could have been written by J K Rowling herself though down a darker genre of fantasy in a completely unrelated plot to what she’s known for The dark element of the novel also put me in mind of adult urban fantasies gritty and dangerous yet there was also something I can only describe as a slight hint of something that felt much like it could have come from a David Eddings’ high fantasy But this book is most definitely YA It sounds like a great hodge podge of stories but it’s not at all; this is just me recognising small similarities of styles or feels of the great fantasies I have loved over my many years as a fantasy fan It was me recognising a great fantasy; something completely new which felt like something I knewFor all this text I feel like I haven’t said much at all yet I’m not sure there is much else I can say The plot is just fantastic and wonderful – if it was food it would be chocolate Jake as a character is just so awesome but I can’t really go into his character much There’s suspense there are awesome settings there are just too many wonders and delights to mention Basically I’m in love There is no other way to put it I cannot tell you just how excited I am to read Witchfinder Gallows at Twilight when it is released next year January 2011 I have found myself a new favourite fantasy series and can’t recommend it enough You must read this bookAdapted from review on Once Upon a Bookcase YA book blog

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    Fifteen year old Jake Harker has been a fan of all things horror since he was given a box of old comics when he was nine years old Ever since then he has devoured horror stories in any format and has built up an impressive knowledge of things that go bump in the night He never for a minute suspected that any of the stories were real though not until the night of his mother's murder when he finds himself thrust into a dark and dangerous world just as frightening as the scariest horror story As he investigates the cause of his mother's death he learns of the Demontide something that occurs once in every generation and unless it is stopped the gates to hell will be opened allowing demons to overrun the world Jake has an important part to play in stopping the Demontide but will he have to give his life in order to save the world?The first book in the Witchfinder trilogy Dawn of the Demontide is a dark and frightening tale that will appeal to fantasy and horror fans of all ages Jake is a likable and realistic character and one I'm sure most of us can relate to on some level He has been thrust into a world where nothing is as it seems and creatures from your worst nightmares actually exist Not sure who he can trust or where he can turn to for help Jake must rely on his instincts and his knowledge from horror books and films as he tries to find a way to stop the DemontideThe story is well paced and has so many twists you can never be uite sure what will happen next The world William Hussey has created is both realistic and terrifying and I was completely sucked into the story right from the very beginning One of the things I enjoyed most about the story is the way that it shows how blurred the lines between good and evil can be Although some of the characters claim to be doing things for the greater good the lengths that they are prepared to go to leave you wondering how good they actually can be In the same vein not all of the bad guys are actually as evil as they first appear so you're never uite sure who can really be trustedDawn of the Demontide is a story I'd highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good horror story it may be one you want to start reading in daylight though and could be a little too gory for younger teens The story is a delight and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series

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    As an enthusiastic young reader many years ago I don’t recall many books being available specifically for teenagers I very soon moved on to horror writers such as Stephen King as there wasn’t much else available and I know that many other young readers in my age group did the same thingAs a thirty something adult I am now very much enjoying reading many of the ‘young adult’ books which are around now although I am avoiding the vast array of YA vampire tales Most of these books are written in such a way that they appeal to teenagers whilst still offering enough for older readers to enjoy them too and this is certainly no exceptionThe reason I mentioned reading horror as a young person is that the genre seems to appeal to teenage readers and Hussey’s Witchfinder includes some dark scenes which take this up a level from other YA fantasy and adds an extra interest It’s probably not suitable for younger readers and it’s darker tone is set right from the beginning so older teens can judge straight away if it’s for themThe main character Jake is introduced as a normal teenage boy who has a passion for horror and comics in particular However he is soon thrust straight into real world horror as he discovers witches with their demon familiars and is faced with abduction and deathWhat appears to be a a tale of good versus evil soon develops into as Hussey explores whether those who believe they are fighting for good have actually become as bad as those they fight It also gives us themes of friendship loyalty and redemptionAs an interesting addition there’s also mention of Matthew Hopkins a witch hunter during the time of the English Civil War It’s a link to history which may well spark some interest and further studyThis is an impressive first book of a trilogy It’s a complete story in itself which moves at a fast pace The second in the trilogy is due to be published in January 2011 and the final instalment in September 2011 If the uality of writing is to continue in these two books it’s going to feel like a long wait

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    Really REALLY enjoyed it and only picked it up randomly from the library as a filler So many interesting plot twists throughout the book I really want to read the rest of the series

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    The words Teen and Extremely Scary Content on the back of the book lead me to believe that I was not the target audience nor would I be scared by this book Its not a bad book in fact I uite enjoyed the way it was written but I just felt the entire time I was writing something that was almost Harry Potter but not as good There are too many bad similarities A man named uilp witches all have an animal special boy who loses his parents etc A lot of it was repetitive at least once a chapter someone would remind the reader of the Demontide and how it's threatening the entire world and must be stopped Aside from Simon and Jake I didn't care much for any of the other characters and I found the story got boring towards the end Won't be continuing the series but it was harmless fun I guess

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    William Hussey is in my opinion highly underrated His attention to detail in description is amazing and colourful and is very reminiscent of Clive Barker's writing style While I found that Witchfinder would probably appeal to a younger audience I found some of the graphic scenes to be extremely satisfying yet not blunt However the entire book felt like I was reading a movie script which spoiled much of the tension that Hussey has tried to construct especially towards the climax of the narrative and it did not take a lot of effort to readOverall I enjoyed the book but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone over the age of 18 due to it's simplicity and movie like themes

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    I was not sure if I would like this book but left with no other books to read I thought why not? It was very well written and the beginning of the book took you straight into the murder of a young boy He was a sacrificeThe story goes on to explain this spooky place in England has a door where demons are trying to come through every 25 years and the problems the elders of the village have to stop themI was very interested for about half way into the book then it became hard work to keep looking for an intelligent end as I am not one for evil demons or black magicI did reach the end which was kind of predictablesorryA book for the teenage market

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    I stopped reading it part way through I started it on a train journey and couldn't return to it when the journey was over It's not that it was a bad book particularly it was just uite boring and felt like other things I'd read before and by the time I was just over halfway through it it had showed no sign of deviating from the normal plot of these kinds of books I have so much I want to read and I just can't make myself spend time finishing a book I strongly suspect will have nothing new to add to my life If it was appallingly bad I'd probably force myself to finish it just because I think there's usually a few useful writing lessons in terrible books This was just fine