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2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist2013 USA Best Books Awards FinalistNine out of ten people who quit drinking relapse at least once Why would any sober Alcoholic return to the misery? Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud Relapse and the Symptoms of Sobriety shows why it's not just once without pithy slogans or trademarked solutions from a journalist who has been there Here's a book explaining how and why relapse happens how to hold it at bay and why every non alcoholic should care without reading like a clinical journalThis ★★★★★ read is for drinkers ex drinkers and anyone who knows an alcoholic celebrates and encourages sobriety while giving an ominous warning of the not so secret thief in the healthcare system What are the Symptoms of Sobriety and how do Alcoholics and non Alcoholics guard against them?What four overlooked stressors trip up recovery?Can you hit bottom sober? Informative and very personal the narrative dashes along peaks of anger joy desperation relief and hope interspersed with solid data on the disease and guidance for avoiding relapse traps   Alcoholics and non alcoholics sometimes believe sobriety is the silver lining to the cloud of alcoholism but it's not enough to just stop drinkingII've been sober 23 years this is the best recovery book I've read One of than a dozen five star reviews on

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    As the parent of a child that overdosed at Christmas as a result of alcohol combined with an acute mental illness crisis my heart relived the pain that Scott wrote regarding his suicide plan Fortunate for us we celebrated Christmas in a locked hospital ward rather then the unspeakable Fortunate for the Kids Stevens that Scott came to his senses and made a selfless decision to protect them from that same fate I must confess I knew Scott from another life and at the time it seemed that all he touched turned to gold So it was quite the surprise to discover the turn of events that lead to his own crisis NAMI the National Alliance on Mental Illness provides a FREE 12 week course in understanding a family members Mental Illness Of the 12 families represented in our class most had family members with chronic drug andor alcohol use Given the age old question what comes first the chicken or the egg? In my daughters case MI came first followed by self medication In others the harmful effect of psychotic drugs and alcohol caused the MI There is help and hope Scott mentions the symptoms of sobriety which mirror the symptoms of my daughter when she is in crisis Sleep with REM venues to avoid idleness and avenues to avoid loneliness are all ingredients in a recipe for recovering and maintaining good mental health So this leads into the age old debate of imprisoning the mentally ill I too watch programs like Lock Up on MSNBC and get alarmed by the prisoner who spreads feces around who clearly has MI He is housed in a noisy environment where sleep is difficult and idleness and loneliness are rampant THIS PERSON WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET OUT OF CRISIS In Hennepin County it takes months to get a prisoner with MI in to an appropriate facility mostly because of lack of space The cost to evaluate and treat responsibly is enormous Makes one wonder if Scotts calls for help went unanswered to prove a point The social worker was too busy in Madison protesting presumably on the tax payers dime