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In 2016 Anne Aly was the first Australian Muslim woman the first Egyptian born woman and the first counter terrorism expert to be elected to federal parliament She was also most probably the first parliamentarian to have seen Zoolander 23 times'What am I doing here?' she asked herself as she was sworn in with her hand on her English translation of the uranIt's a uestion the former professor has raised than once since she arrived in Australia aged two bearing the name Azza Mahmoud Fawzi Hosseini Ali el Serougi The answer is a fascinating and moving story of a Muslim girl growing up in suburban Australia in the seventies a girl who danced the divide between the expectations and values of their parents' culture and that of their adopted land and whose yardstick for 'a normal' Australian family was The Brady BunchTold with warmth humour and insight Finding My Place is an irresistible story by an irrepressible Australian woman who has truly found where she belongs and who continues to make her mark internationally and in public life

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    Such a wonderful book by an incredible Australian Absolutely recommend Five massive stars

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    I listened to this as an audio book and I'm so glad Anne read it herself I think that makes or breaks an autobiography audio I found this to be an interesting eye opening and thought provoking book about so many topics Growing up in Australia feeling different to those around you religion beliefs family racism politics and so much I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Anne Aly's story I highly recommend you have a read or a listen

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    I am always a bit dubious about autobiographies they don't often seem to be written particularly wellThis one fits the mould I found it hard to be even mildly interested in Anne Aly basically because the writing was just poor I am sure she would be an interesting person to talk to but don't bother with this

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    A fascinating look at where one of our most unusual politicians came from Aly tells her story with self deprecating candour although her perfectly justifiable pride in her accomplishments also shines through Well worth a read for the #AusPol crowd

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    35 stars Interesting story of a inspiring and busy lady

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    A great autobiography because of its honesty real emotion and its humour The only things I knew about Anne Aly were that she was an anti terrorism academic and a Labor politician this book showed me so much Aly outlines the migrant experience of coming to Australia the pros and cons of parental and cultural expectations the experience of prejudice against Muslims the struggles women have in carving out a career the dangers of working in anti terrorism and the challenges of being a politician Brilliant

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    Stories like Anne’s are much needed in Australia To read of a different perspective and to hear from a woman who’s faces so many challenges head on in this country No doubt I related to a lot of the first half of this book her story growing up Muslim in Australia is well not really told enough and especially not from a girls perspective I enjoyed that just as I enjoyed her relaxed style of writing it allowed for personality to seep through and for an enjoyable readIt’s refreshing to get an Australian story that isn’t the same old white bread

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    In hindsight Anne Aly's life is uite normal But that's what makes it extraordinaryShe grew up in Western Sydney lived and studied in Egypt came back and settled in Perth where she resigned her life to raising her two boys and despite what she went through the set backs and everything else she ended up achieving so much Timing is indeed everything A great memoir from an amazing woman

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    Written with humour passion and poignancy but no regrets this tells of Anne’s struggles to feel accepted throughout her life But she never let it get her down She refers to the culture clashes with her parents her battles with poor body image when young bullying from fellow students religious clashes with the uninformed or ignorantDespite her remarkable achievements many only see her differences – her race andor her gender andor her religionAnne describes her life – being born in Egypt moving to Brisbane Sydney back to Egypt and eventually to Perth During this time she had a passion for learning resulting in University Degrees and Masters Degrees in a variety of fields Following the terrorist attacks in New York and Bali Anne’s focus turned to Terrorism and counter terrorism She was determined to DO something not just talk about the problem She wanted to prevent terrorist activities rather than fight wars against the perpetrators She began programs in de radicalization with young at risk males She researched causes and impacts earning a PhD in the fieldWhen Anne was elected to Federal Parliament it was noted that she was the “first Australian Muslim woman the first Egyptian born woman and the first counter terrorism expert” to be elected However Anne claims she never set out to “make history” by being the first at anything she rather wanted to “make a difference”A very inspiring story of determination passion achievement and especially hope for a better future

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    I had never heard on Anne Aly until I heard her being interviewed on the radio a couple of weeks ago She's a Muslim woman who was born in Egypt but raised in Australia who became a global authority on counter terrorism and is now a Member of Parliament in Australia This is her life story It's mostly about her upbringing growing up as the daughter of immigrant parents in Australia and it only covers her move into politics in the final few chaptersThe book reads like a conversation with Anne and it's a good conversation she is funny and frank and her story is interesting Growing up as a brownie in Australia meant that she was often the subject of racist attitudes Her parents moved from Egypt to give their children fresh opportunities but then decided that their daughters should still curtail their academic ambitions and marry Muslim men at young ages The rise of Al aeda and ISIL also meant that being Muslim pigeonholed Anne in ways that she didn't want To this day she receives abuse and death threats simply because she is a Muslim I don't know much about Anne's political views and for that reason this review neither endorses nor condones them but I found her story really interesting She's a strong lively likeable woman