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First, A Man And A Woman Are Subjects Of A Top Secret Government Experiment Designed To Produce Extraordinary Psychic PowersThen, They Are Married And Have A Child A DaughterEarly On The Daughter Shows Signs Of A Wild And Horrifying Force Growing Within Her Desperately, Her Parents Try To Train Her To Keep That Force In Check, To Act Normal Now The Government Wants Its Brainchild Back For Its Own Insane Ends

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    Buddy Read with my pal, The Jeff.I don t think the scariest thing about this book is the fact that this tiny kid has the power to potentially crack the Earth in half Don t get me wrongthe thought of that curls my toes.The genius of this book is that your fear builds with the father s fear And it s not the fear of simply being captured He fears what all of this is doing to his daughter, and he fears what he has had to do to his daughter in order to keep her safe from herself.The part that really got to me was when he had to hold up her charred teddy bear to her when she was a toddler and tell her that she was very bad for doing this to Teddy You could almost smell his guilt and desperation just coming off the pages.He didn t want to yell at his little girl, but he had to make her afraid and ashamed of what had happened Otherwise, the next time she got angry and threw a tantrum it might not just be a stuffed animal that went up in flames If you ve ever been in extreme circumstances like that with your child then I think it will gut punch you to read that.The creation of The Shop was an especially nice touch by King.It s I believe everyone s secret fear that there s some unknown government agency out there that doesn t have to conform to The Rules.The scientists and field agents were also chilling in that they were just doing their job without much thought to the moral ramifications.And Rainbird Dear God, that guy was a whole new level of creepy Partially, because he really did love Charlie in his own sick way.He sees Charlie for who she is and what she can become, and he s proud of her He felt that she was his, and he was willing to patiently wait for her to trust him.And as disgusting as he was, for the most part, he was dead on in his assessment of her Honestly, that was the scariest thing about Rainbird You want to believe that if someone is psychotic and amoral, then they re also missing the things that would allow them to correctly read other people In Rainbird s case, his lack of conscience just let him see through the bullshit and get to the core of the individual.He was truly a chilling character You know going into it that not everyone is getting out of this alive but for a King novelI thought it had a pretty happy ending.

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    When some cash poor college students volunteer for an experiment, they have no idea of the Pandora s Box they are about to unleash Years later, one of them, Andy McGee, is on the run from The Shop, with his daughter, Charlie Can Andy and Charlie evade The Shop before their world goes up in flames First off, for years now, I cannot read the title without hearing the Prodigy song of the same name Maybe he ll follow this one up with a book called Fuel my Fire or Smack My Bitch Up one of these days to continue along the same lines.Firestarter is one of those Stephen King books you don t hear all that much about A lot of people only know of it because of the movie starring Drew Barry in the 1980s Well, people should know about it because it s a corking good read.A 1960s experiment gave Andy McGee and his wife psychic powers It also altered their DNA enough to produce Charlie, their immensely powerful psychic daughter, whose abilities include pyrokinesis, hence the title.For a good portion of the book, the suspense comes from Andy trying to stay one step ahead of The Shop The rest of it is the two McGees trying to escape The Shop s clutches The Shop, and John Rainbird, make fantastic villains because they aren t nearly as far outside the realm of possibility as evil cars and spider clowns.Like a lot of Stephen King books, the relationships between the characters keep the story going John Rainbird proved to be than the scene chewing villain I originally pegged him as Unlike the protagonists in Doctor Sleep, I feared for Charlie and Andy almost constantly.I d forgotten how brutal King was sometimes in his older books There are some parts of this one I ll remember for a long time Maybe Stephen King will revisit a character or two from this book before he goes to the clearing at the end of the path, maybe as part of a Dark Tower story.As I said before, this is a very underrated King book I don t really have anything bad to say about it Four out of five stars.

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    You re a firestarter, honey just one big Zippo lighter Andy and Vicky McGee take part in a top secret government experiment, gaining psychic powers Then they have a daughter Charlie Charlie demonstrates even power than her parents and they must keep her abilities secret, as the government wants Charlie back.Firestarter was one of the few classic Kings I had left to read I had never watched the movie either , and yet I wasn t particularly excited about it, it seemed like a Carrie knockoff almost When I pulled it out of my King TBR jar for my October read, I was admittedly slightly disappointed but this is one of the very few instances where I m happy to admit that I was DEAD WRONG Firestarter is fucking awesome King is no stranger to writing about abusive child parent relationships Jack and Danny Torrance in The Shining, Bev and her father in IT, to name a couple , so it s a nice change when King explores a sweet and loving relationship between the two The connection and bond between Charlie and her father Andy was really sweet However, if I m honest, I found Andy s psychic abilities interesting than Charlie s, so I really enjoyed those parts where Andy could show what he s capable of even if it was detrimental to his own health but again, this just perfectly demonstrates his paternal love for Charlie A lot of King novels can be slow burners which I am a fan of but this one moves at a relentless pace from the very first page It really demonstrates that whilst King can be a tad wordy at times, he is also capable of writing page turners with very little filler I loved how the mental powers of telekinesis and pyrokinesis were used in the story when you set these against the backdrop of a nasty government trying to protect its secret, Firestarter really packs a punch I can t help but wonder if this book would have worked better if it was structured in chronological order, as opposed to jumping back and forth between the past and present day It might have worked better if it built up to Charlie and Andy being on the run But that s just a minor nitpick.Overall, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one This would be a good starting place for people trying to get into King particularly if you re a fan of Stranger Things 4.5 stars.

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    This was an audio re read I last read this probably 15 to 20 years ago My original remembered review was 3 stars and it will remain the same I always hope the second time will be better and it will move up to 4 or 5 stars, but that just doesn t always happen.Can I confidently say why I am not going higher I give a few examples below, but it is of a feeling a feeling that did not break as I worked my way through the book I kept hoping for moments that would make me wonder why I only remembered it as a 3 star book there just really were not any As I have been working my way through re reading King s books, this is the first one that felt just okay Over the course of the story, not much really happens and a lot of plot points are rehashed The characters are fine, but not as intricate or interesting as a Jack Torrance, Randall Flagg, or Johnny Smith Charlie McGee feels like a bit of a rehashing of Carrie White For me, the pursuit in the first half of the book was much better than the second half, which felt just flat after the climatic moments early on in the story.Many people will ask, what King do I recommend they start with Lots of King readers recommend early King, and Firestarter falls into that category Also, as it led to a somewhat famous film in the 1980s at least cult famous , people might think that Firestarter meets all the criteria for a great starting point I cannot say that I agree There are much better options Salems Lot, The Dead Zone, Pet Sematary, The Shining and, The Stand if you want to jump in feet first and sink up to your neck King has released around 60 novels, and I don t think Firestarter would even rank in my top 30 I would likely only recommend it if you are trying to work your way through all of King s works.

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    I can find absolutely nothing bad to say about this book Firestarter is up there with Salem s Lot, The Shining, and It This one isn t as creep up on you scary as the aforementioned novels, but Firestarter is terrifying To image a world wherein Charlie McGee exists is a scary thought indeed This is one of the few King books that has absolutely zero lulls in the narrative When the pace does slow, King shows off his superhuman character development skills He doesn t simply make his character dev engaging, he makes it entertaining as well You have fun while getting to know these characters, and before you know it, page one turns to page four hundred and you want to start all over again Books like this are the reason I m rereading this man s entire catalog Notable names Patrick Hockstretter Carrie The Shop Tommyknockers, The Stand, and is mentioned throughout the Dark Tower series In summation In my opinion this is one of King s hidden gems People don t talk about it as much as they do his massive novels, but Firestarter is one of his best, and deserves your attention.

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    Pushes and shoves can be a dangerous thing.as can Fear, Pain and Fire FIRESTARTER had me at the get go with a super intense, spring into action run as 34 year old Andy McGee and daughter Charlie, 7 flee for their lives with no money and only the clothes on their back. The story alternates between Andy s college days bringing to light how the need for an extra 200 bucks brought him to present day terror in search for a way out.a way to survive.a way to keep his daughter safe. There is no scary or gory KING here, but there are monsters.monsters of the humanoid type who have evil intentions and mask their motives with for the good of the many. So.don t go into Room 70, stay away from mad Doctors, be wary of crazy Indians.and DO NOT trust The Shop Another Stephen King winner for me As is the norm, KING added to my shelf here with a horror short I can t wait to read entitled It s a Good Life by Jerome Bixby, mentions POE S William Wilson again, makes reference to his son Joe Hill s In the Tall Grass a few times, and The Shop from The Stand plays a prevalent part here

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    Firestarter, Stephen KingFirestarter is a science fiction horror thriller novel by Stephen King, first published in September 1980 Andy and Charlene Charlie McGee are a father daughter pair on the run from a government agency known as The Shop During his college years, Andy had participated in a Shop experiment dealing with Lot 6 , a drug with hallucinogenic effects similar to LSD Lysergic acid diethylamide The drug gave his future wife, Victoria Tomlinson, minor telekinetic abilities and him a telepathic form of mind control he refers to as the push They both also developed telepathic abilities Andy s and Vicky s powers were physiologically limited in his case, overuse of the push gives him crippling migraine headaches and minute brain hemorrhages, but their daughter Charlie developed frightening psychokinetic ability 1998 1376 567 20 1980

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    While Firestarter doesn t quite crack my top five King books, it does come pretty damn close While I do find the idea of pyrokinesis and telekinesis fascinating and it is no doubt a big part of what makes this book so good, that s not what makes this book great to me For me, what really seals the deal, is the beautiful relationship between Charlie and her father There s just so much love and trust there, it s incredibly touching and what makes me love this book so much

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    Charlie McGee and her father Andy are two people on the run from the shop a group of ruthless government mad doctors that wants to experiment on Charlie for her powerful pyrokinesis powers Can they survive Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good read If you enjoy Stephen King s books, definitely check this out at your local library and wherever books are sold.

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Page Turning Foofaraw Firestarter by Stephen King Original Review, 1980 09 21 The popularity of occult novels haunts the science fiction community We of all people are expected to pay serious attention to stories based on semiliterate misreadings of religious apocrypha Not based, mind you, on either testament of the Bible, but on superstitions which Catholic, Protestant and Jewish theologians can tell you are mostly transformations of ancient pagan beliefs that have not yet been shaken off the skirts of genuine religion.