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. 1115 coming of age 34 38. 70% .. Listened to the audio this time and it was awesome The narrator is Steven Weber and he did a great job Hello, welcome to Derry. I m Pennywise the Clown and at some point, especially if your a kid, I will eat your face off Have a nice day The first time I read this book was in the 6th grade and I had forgotten how good it was I loved the movie as well, but the book is so much better I love how Mr King goes back and forth from when the friends were kids and to them as adults and what they do in life now, while they are on their way back to Derry See, when they were young and all became friends, they made a pact that if IT ever came back so would they IT showed itself to them in many different creeptastic ways but IT showed itselfas Pennywise the Clown Bill s little brother Georgie was the first one to be. um. eaten by Pennywise I m sorry, I don t care how old I am, if I saw a creepy clown down in a drain gutter thingy leave me alone, I forgot the name I would have ran until I fell over I and NO Bill, Eddie, Ben, Richie, Stan, Beverly, and Mike are all friends I love each of their separate stories and I love their friendship together They are all picked on by the town bully jerk named Henry Bowers, but when they are together Henry can just go on down the road when the little group gets their courage and attacks Henry and his gang I love the camaraderie between the friends and how they believe each others stories of meeting Pennywise, even when he wasn t in clown form They didn t ridicule each other, they watched out for each other the best they could At one point they think they kill ole Pennywise, but after many years and the killing of kids starts happening again, Mike, who stayed in Derry at the library, calls everyone home It s weird how they all forget anything that ever happened to them until they get that phone call It s like they were made to forget And there is sweet Pennywise to welcome them back Uggggg, clowns I know there are some people out there that hasn t read the book so I won t give out any spoilers for them, but one of the group commits suicide before anything even gets started and another of the group gets killed before they kill Pennywise for good. or is IT really dead I think Mr King should bring him back with a whole new set of peeps that have to take him out Yes, I m not quite right in the head This is a very long book to read, but you know good books like this one really doesn t matter the length, when they are written very well, it just doesn t seem like a tome Well, with the exception of holding the book up if you have joint issues, just let it rest quietly on your lap tray while you read I didn t get bored not one time in this book, I did, however want to shoot a few people and of course Pennywise but I digress At the end Mr King wrote This book was begun in Bangor, Maine, on September 9th, 1981, and completed in Bangor, Maine, on December 28th, 1985.That s a good amount of time and would explain how freaking good the book was in all of the detail The detail was just awesome I m going to leave you with one last thing..THEY ALL FLOAT DOWN HERE..MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List Welcome To Derry, Maine It S A Small City, A Place As Hauntingly Familiar As Your Own Hometown Only In Derry The Haunting Is Real They Were Seven Teenagers When They First Stumbled Upon The Horror Now They Are Grown Up Men And Women Who Have Gone Out Into The Big World To Gain Success And Happiness But None Of Them Can Withstand The Force That Has Drawn Them Back To Derry To Face The Nightmare Without An End, And The Evil Without A Name I m not easily scared these days As a grown woman, the only thing that brings the feeling of dread into my heart is the constant pinging of new work emails requiring my attention when I m at home, but there was a time when I was a shy, delicate, sweet little girl who was scared of my own shadow.Proof not exactly the terror you see haunting the hallowed halls of Goodreads handing out 1 stars like they re candy these days.It wasn t until I was around 20 that I outgrew my fear of scary creatures and things, and stopped tucking in my toes between the blankets, lest they get eaten by monsters, but before that happenedthere was It I can say with complete confidence that this goddamn book and the movie scarred me for life.A sentiment that I m sure many of you who have read the book and seen the movie echoes.I remember the exact moment I saw this movie It s not something one forgets.I was 16 years old I was in Academic Decathlon competition in high school, and after studying for the competition, our little group decided on a movie night The selection Stephen King s It.From the moment that goddamn clown popped up on the screen from beneath the sewer, I knew this was a terrible, no good, bad idea I spent the rest of the movie hovering on the edge of my seat, crouched between my best friends, hands either over my eyes or clamped over my mouth to suppress my screams.I went home I didn t sleep that night Neither did I get much sleep for the next two weeks A few months later, it was winter Spirit of the season Clowns can t haunt me when it s Christmas, right I was brave enough to actually read the book this time.Bad idea.So in closing, damn you, Stephen King Out of all your books, this one has scarred me most These days, I maintain a terror of two things mummies long story , and clowns I can no longer visit theme parks at Halloween.Thank you, Mr King You shouldn t have No, you really shouldn t have. Fuck you, Stephen King WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US It wasn t make up the clown was wearing Nor was the clown simply swaddled in a bunch of bandages There were bandages, most of them around its neck and wrists, blowing back in the wind, but Ben could see the clown s face clearly It was deeply lined, the skin a parchment map of wrinkles, tattered cheeks, arid flesh The skin of its forehead was split but bloodless Dead lips grinned back from a maw in which teeth leaned like tombstones Its gums were pitted and black Ben could see no eyes, but something glittering far back in the charcoal pits of those puckered sockets, something like the cold jewels in the eyes of the Egyptian scarab beetles And although the wind was the wrong way, it seemed to him that he could smell cinnamon and spice, rotting cerements treated with weird drugs, sand, blood so old it had dried to flecks and grains of rust Once I turned the last page of 1,153 pages, I felt like Scribner or Stephen King or someone owed me a t shirt sayingI survived IT When I say IT, I m not just referring to the enormous length of the novel, but also the total sticky, blood encrusted emersion in this epic tale of horror The book is two novels entwined together One is set in 1958 when seven children take on this alien creature, and the other is these same children, now adults, returning in 1985 to fight this entity again A publisher with an eye forbook sales might have convinced a writer, a different writer than Stephen King, to pull these books apart and sell them in two separate novels, but I m afraid we might have been talking about two three star books instead of one five star book IT was meant to be.King manages to take these seven kids and make them into seven distinct personalities After spending so much time with them, I feel like I know them better than friends I ve had for decades Even as King reintroduces us to them again as adults, we see the personalities of the children, like a hot stamped template, still in the adults Mike is the only one who stays in Derry, Maine He becomes the town librarian, and by default, the person who keeps an eye out for signs of the return of IT The other six all leave and become very successful Bill becomes a novelist and overcomes his childhood stutter Beverly becomes a fashion designer, but still can t shake her need to be with a man who hurts her Ben loses all that weight he carried as a child and becomes a famous architect Stan becomes a wealthy accountant Richie is a disc jockey in LA Eddie runs a successful limo service in New York Mike speculates that IT has something to do with their career successes But what exactly is IT Glamour, he said, was the Gaelic name for the creature which was haunting Derry other races and other cultures other times had different words for it, but they all mean the same thing The Plains Indians called it a manitouThese same Indians believe that the spirit of the manitou could sometimes enter them The Himalayans called it a tallus or taelus, which meant an evil magic being that could read your mind and then assume the shape of the thing you were most afraid of In Central Europe it had been called eylak, brother of the vurderlak, or vampire In France it was le loup garou, or skin changer, a concept that had been crudely translated as the werewolf, but, Bill told them, le loup garou could do anything, anything at all a wolf, a hawk, a sheep, even a bug The glamour creature who haunts Derry prefers the image of Pennywise the Clown because it is primarily interested in attracting and attacking small children The first victim we are introduced to, at the very beginning of the novel, is Bill s younger brother George, who is pulled apart by IT while reaching for his paper boat which had fallen into the drain Only Stephen King can begin a novel with such a horrific murder and keep readers glued to the pages We have to know what the hell is going on Our band of seven, or as they proclaim themselves The Losers Club, have watched plenty of horror films, so the things they fear have been manifested from the silver screen Pennywise might morph into a mummy, Frankenstein, a large bird, a werewolf, a leper, a hideous spider, or a large crawling eyeball Once one of the kids tells the others what he sees, they can see it, too The creature must adhere to the rules of the game if IT is a werewolf, for instance, then IT is susceptible to a silver bullet Adults are incapable of seeing what the kids see If blood spouts out of a sink and coats the walls and floor, only the kids know it is there Once the Losers leave Derry to pursue their adult lives, they start to forget what happened It is only when Mike calls them and asks them to come back in 1985 to stop the creature once again that they start to regain their memories This time they won t give up until this hideous evil is vanquishedforever Got to become a child again, he thought incoherently That s the only way I can keep IT from driving me crazy Got to become a kid againgot to stop it Somehow Sometimes we have to crawl back into our inner child to survive the onslaught of visual overstimulation that can crack an adult brain like a rotten walnut A young elastic brain does better with a world gone mad At the end of the final battle, Derry will never be the same, nor will this reader I, too, hope some of my memories fade as I travel further away from the pages of IT If you are a fan of the horror genre, you have to read this book There is no time like the present with the new, highly acclaimed movie out in theaters Read the book Watch the movie Mind wipe Begin again.If you wish to seeof my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at It is finished.Why yes, I did just complete my longest read to date I simultaneously feel relieved and accomplished, drained and fulfilled There are few authors who can successfully deliver such conflicting feelings, which is why he s one of the most well known names in the fiction world I feel as if I could write an entire book about this tender and terrifying coming of age tale, but I also feel as if all the umph has left my body for the moment Definitely my favorite King novel that I ve read so far and I hope to revisit this review after a time of processing and reflection to addthoughts Thanks for all the hand holding and encouragement you all provided along the way 3 Throughout the book, I was going to give it 4 stars It was suspenseful, there was a sense of dread with some truly scary scenes King is very good at describing how children would think and make us feel their fears It was really long with A LOT of descriptions but it was still very enjoyable.The ending totally ruined it for meReview view spoiler What the hell was that with the prepubescent gang bang hide spoiler Some parts were truly creepy at first and initially, as often happens with King, I couldn t put it down But then, as often happens with King, it hits a brick wall and becomes so over long and has so many unnecessary elements that get in the way of the main story that it becomes a bloated, endless chore to finish People often say they hate the ending of this bookI did not hate it or love it I had checked out at that point and simply wanted it to be over no matter who lived or died or whether they defeated It or not.This book is at least 300 pages too long and that is the least that could have been completely cut out without hurting the story in the slightest Included in those 300 pages are some particularly disturbing sequences and elements which were just sickening, unnecessary and, to me, actually took away from the main story.The events and elements that killed It for me 1 A bizarre, out of nowhere scene portraying sex play between two male pre teen, would be murderous bullies which had nothing to do with the story and led nowhere.2 An extended description of animal torture killing which stemmed from the bully in the sex play, which had nothing to do with the story and ultimately, again, was pointless and unnecessary.3 A detailed description of a kid murdering a baby sibling No point, nothing to do with the story Again.4 The use of the N wordin one place than I have ever read or heard in my life combined Not necessary, nothing to do with the main part of the story 5 And, the scene which blew me away and pretty much made me feel I had wasted time getting that far in a gang bang consisting of nothing but 11 and 12 year olds What the F And when I say gang bang I mean it six boys banging the girl back to back Only abnormal people do not raise an eyebrow at this scene and try to defend it as being natural and normal It s neither and most decent people would be bothered by this segment So, aside from those main awful things the other annoying elements the character of Richie I skipped a lot of his dialogue I wanted to punch him in the face just for being annoying And every time he did his Mexican voice I just cringed and skipped the next couple lines Never has a character in a BOOK annoyed me so, so much I was hoping he would die Their stupid inside joke of Beep beep, Richie By the twelve thousandth time one of them said this I wanted to just throw the book across the room Painful to read In the end King took a super creepy story and concept which he could have effectively told in probably 500 pages and blew it up to over 1,000 with too much detail in certain parts, too much back story in others and too many subplots which didn t matter All of which pretty much wiped out any fear or creepiness for me By the time I got 700 or so pages in I simply was not scared, not creeped out, no longer interested and didn t care how it ended as long as it ended soon I am aware that some people will feel that I just don t get it with my review and complaints I am totally fine with that I am totally fine not getting it when it comes to this type of thing Too bad Started off as five stars for me and crumbled onto itself into two stars. I read this entire book in one day during my 24 hour readathon, readathonbyzoe Watch the vlog here highly enjoy Stephen King s descriptive writing style I was on the edge of my seat for the majority of the novel, and I definitely did not sleep well the following night However, I hate his constant use of slurs against black, Jewish, and gay characters I understand that he is using them as a tool to highlight the real horrors in our everyday lives, but it was 100% not necessary to use them with such frequency.Also, TW for sexual assault, domestic abuse, and suicide.