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To celebrate completing a novel, writer Paul Sheldon goes on a champagne fueled drive in the Rocky mountains He winds up in a near fatal car crash, but never fear He s rescued by Annie Wilkes, his 1 fanI watched the film version of Misery in those antediluvian days before Goodreads, hell, before the Internet, and decided to finally read the novel when it showed up on my BookGorilla email one day It was 2.99 very well spent.Misery is a tale of obsession, addiction, and obsession I wrote obsession twice but it s a such a big theme I thought it was justified Annie Wilkes is obsessed with her favorite series of books starring Misery Chastain, written by that dirty birdie Paul Sheldon Paul is obsessed with finishing the book Annie has demanded of him and probably addicted to writing Also to codeine.I ve said it before but I ll say it again If Stephen King wasn t addicted to scaring the bodily fluids out of people, he d be a literary writer of some renown The guy can flat out write Just because he cranks out a best selleroften than most of us go to the dentist doesn t mean he s the real deal.The scariest horror stories are the ones that could actually happen and Misery is one of those Who among us hasn t had visions of being held captive when driving through a remote locale Annie is so muchthan the scene chewing maniac she could have been She has dimension and believes she s in the right, which is the mark of a great villain Her background is very fleshed out and my heart sank as I learned her past along with Paul How the hell was he going to escape that monster Paul s journey is painful, both to him and to the reader, thanks to King s skill I had to make sure my foot was still attached a couple times Annie puts him through hell and he finally gives her a taste of her own medicine but the ending is far from happily ever after.As is usually the case, the book was a notch better than the movie I ve been easy with the 5 s this year but I ll give this one a cockadoodie 5 out of 5 stars just the same. I am in trouble here This woman is not right Paul Sheldon, the best selling writer of the Misery novels, finds himself rescued from a car accident by his number one fan, Annie Wilkes As the former nurse takes care of him in her home, she finds out he killed off Misery in his latest novel and decides to keep Paul as her prisoner as he writes Misery back to life.I read a number of Stephen King books pre bookstagram and pre goodreads, therefore I have never written a proper review for these books Revisiting these books through readalongs and listening to audiobooks while running or at the gym gives me the opportunity to do so Unfortunately when I revisited Misery it was in the form of the audiobook and I was not a fan and most certainly NOT its number 1 fan The narrator did such a brilliant job of conveying the truly insane character that is Annie Wilkes, but otherwise it was very monotonous and boring at times BUT I know that s not really the case for the book itself.Similar to Gerald s Game, the events of this book primarily take place in one location Ordinarily that would bore the life out of me, but King has this ability to grab your attention and keep you hooked anyway That being said, there are still some boring parts in this book but they are very few and far between It is literally quite impossible to look away during the interactions between Annie and poor Paul Sheldon Anytime Annie is on the scene, she steals the show it s those parts where it s just Paul s meandering thoughts that I would tune out of sometimes This is much better portrayed in the movie for me.Something else that the movie benefits from is cutting out the parts where Paul is writing his new Misery book I honestly have never cared less about anything in my entire life I just DO NOT care This is fair enough when you re reading the book and can just quickly skim over these parts however, this is muchdifficult when listening to the audiobook I quite honestly feel like this is one of those rare scenarios in which the movie is much superior to the book It takes the GREAT story that King tells and trims it down to a really effective movie.Annie Wilkes is one of King s most iconic characters and the story is one of his most terrifying, because there are no scary monsters or supernatural creatures, Annie is all human and 100% crazy She also brings a lot of humour to the story for me anyway , I can t help but crack up when she goes on rants about different things And the scene with the axe one of the most nail biting, stressful and cringeworthy events I ve ever read in a book.I really like Misery, but I don t seem to regard it as highly as lot of other Constant Readers I can t pinpoint what is exactly, I just know it wouldn t make my top 20 list I guess I never really connected with it on a personal level, and so many other King books DO make me FEEL so many emotions, so it just slides down the list a bit I do think it would be a great starting point for new King fans, as it isn t particularly scary, it sof a psychological thriller A nice way to introduce yourself to Mr King s works.3.5 stars. It took me longer than usual to get into this King book, which was largely down to the writing style I felt it was different than his usual style which is the one I adore so much I had the same problem when reading The Shining It was just lacking this special something , and thus, I felt disconnected from the characters until about a halfway through However, all the stuff that was happening up until this point still had an effect on me and absolutely terrified me And then came the big shift and I got really into it As soon as I got to know the two main characters better, I got so excited and couldn t stop reading It all got so interesting after a certain revelation and I was so relieved, because up until then, I had the feeling that I was missing out on whatever makes other people love this book so much After reaching the halfway point, the genre Psychological Horror was truly embodied There is just something about Annie Wilkes that is constantly frightening, no matter what this woman does After reading that King wrote her as the personification of cocaine, I totally understand why she is so terrifying, even in the rare moments when she is acting nice I wish I had the right qualifications to analyze this book and its characters on a psychological level, because I bet it would incredibly interesting.So even though it took me a while to be enthralled by the book, it is still definitely worth a read I d also like to mention how much I appreciated the little snippets of the actual Misery novels that were included in the story It added a lotdepth and realism. My whole life people have had a hard time handling my obsessive passionate personality I don t ever just like things I m either completely enad with it or not all that interested It s just how I was made My obsession with Harry Potter is seen as excessive and I m constantly made fun of for my fondness of it I get asked aren t you a little old for that almost regularly and I have given up trying to respond because I really don t feel it necessary to explain myself to anyone I am also ridiculed for my obsession with Stephen King I find his writing to be nothing short of amazing and people who aren t fans of his just think he writes that horror and gore crap Surely a serious reader can t be a King fan According to a lot of people I know it works the same way when flipped around a King fan cannot be a serious reader Well, I will tell you I am both I am a King fan and and a serious reader But, I m not always a serious reviewer For you all I have compiled a list This list is my defense Reasons Why I m NOT the Real Life Annie Wilkes 1 I would never harm Stephen King in any way, shape or form Not intentionally anyway I may accidentally harm him by tripping over my own feet in a rush to get to him and crash into him causing him to fall through a window Or I might tackle him from behind in an attempt to hug him fiercely I might even bite him just to see if he s real BUT I would not hurt him.2 I have never killed anyone I think legally I am required to say that 3 I don t have an unlimited supply of any type of narcotic I have a cousin who s a doctor, but he s of the Straight and Narrow variety 4 I don t have lapses in my thoughts.5 I understand the severity of an addiction and understand fully that King has struggled with it in his past, therefore I wouldn t get him hooked on a painkiller to make him completely dependent on me.6 I wouldn t want to have Stephen King in my home Don t get me wrong, I have a beautiful home, but his house is way fucking cooler I mean gargoyles on a wrought iron gate that looks like a spiderweb HOW fucking awesome 7 Being that I want to be in his house so bad, I would just like to sneak in a back window and hide in a cupboard and live in his house without him knowing for as long as possible I d sneak a shower in his shower, smell his clothes, lie on his side of the bed, lick his typewriter you know those kinds of things 8 I want to be friends with Stephen King not make him fear for his life I think if he were to meet me he d be completely charmed by my glowing personality and welcome me as one of his own by saying Welcome to the family, kid or something along those lines.9 I d order take out instead of making him eat all that soup in the event that he was in my home We could eat Chinese food while watching old horror flicks together BFFFL.10 My final point my name is Stepheny, not Annie, so I can t be her.All around this was a great read you should totally check it out.And for the record, Stephen King, you have nothing to be afraid of Signed,Your Number 1 Fan. Two Sundays ago our family experienced a rather harrowing emergency situation I m thrilled to report that tragedy was averted I m less excited to share that my arm was broken in the process.A broken arm is a perfectly acceptable price to pay for a whole family, but it is also a painful pain in the ass And, because I m a classic overachiever, I broke my arm in the most painful way possible, and I have been relegated to bone broth, limited mobility to prevent the need for surgery and left handed, one finger typing damn it.As my convalescence began 10 long days ago , I found myself not only in pain and discomfort, but surprisinglyandweepy as well Melancholic, I believe they call it So not my norm A chipper friend quickly became flustered by my new, dark voice and demeanor and contributed that she bring me some upbeat romantic comedies and light, humorous reads from the library Fuck that, I cheerfully responded I m reading Stephen King s Misery Misery, in case you crawled out from under a rock or were just born, is one of Mr King s most famous novels Though I am a devotee of the King and a total literary snob, by the way , I have always avoided his horror novels I had assumed a been there, done that, attitude with Misery, having watched the movie But, I m so happy I finally read it As usual, the book is an entirely different experience.The basic premise, without any overt plot spoilers is this A 42 year old, twice divorced novelist named Paul Sheldon, who has become famous for a series he created but loathes called Misery, finishes a new manuscript in a hotel about 15 minutes from my house , and celebrates his original, not Misery related writing achievement by drinking copious amounts of champagne He mistakenly heads out, drunk, into a winter storm and badly crashes his car on a mountain road near the fictional town of Sidewinder, Colorado.Paul is badly injured Left on his own in the storm, without immediate medical attention, he d have most likely died Lucky for him, a former nurse discovers his recently crashed car, brings him home and nurses him back to consciousness When Paul wakes to his new reality, he is grateful to the nurse, the indomitable Annie Wilkes, but he is terrified and confused when he sees his mangled legs Why hasn t she called for help Turns out Annie s a real psychopath She s his number one fan, and no outside help will be needed for Paul s poor legs, which are pointing every which way but loose Mr King introduces us to Annie She was a big woman who, other than the large but unwelcoming swell of the cardigan sweater she always wore, seemed to have no feminine curves at all there was no defined roundness of hip or buttock or even calf below the endless succession of wool skirts she wore in the house she retired to her unseen bedroom to put on jeans before doing outside chores Her body was big but not generous There was a feeling about her of clots and roadblocks rather than welcoming orifices or even open spaces, areas of hiatus.Paul quickly realizes he s in a jam, but he also mistakenly believes himself to be in the worst mental and physical pain of his life There comes a point when the very discussion of pain becomes redundant No one knows there is pain the size of this in the world No one It is like being possessed by demons I hear you, Paul.It doesn t take Paul long to understand that the current pain he s in is child s play compared to what will come He s barely begun his journey with Annie before he recognizes that she was a woman full of tornadoes waiting to happen, and if he had been a farmer observing a sky which looked the way Annie s face looked right now, he would have at once gone to collect his family and herd them into the storm cellar.But Paul doesn t have family Not really He s got 2 ex wives, no kids, no siblings, and parents who are only mentioned in the past tense He s a loner, a lonely writer who wonders if anyone out there will even care enough to conduct a search for him.And here s the meat for me I fell in love with him Paul s sadness, his journey, the span of his suffering and grief are so tenable, so credible, too We go deep into his psyche, learn his foibles and flaws and get taken along on some keen writing lessons, too.Mr Sheldon quickly earned a place in heart as my second favorite King character second only to Jake Epping from 11 22 63.So, you may be wondering how gruesome does this get Gruesome, but only one scene made me truly sick to my stomach.And, you may be wondering Five stars, Julie Really Is it really that good Yes Other than one cheesy lag in the middle, when the reader gets taken down Memory Lane, and most of Annie Wilkes s backstory is too conveniently spoon fed to us, it s that good.It s not 11 22 63, and it s not Lonesome Dove, but storytelling doesn t get much better than this, nor does it need to Entire review typed with the pointer finger of my left hand. me, a week ago I dunno man I ve tried a few King books and collections and maybe they re just not meant for mealso me, a week ago I m gonna give Misery a try but I m not expecting too much tbhme, now WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THE OLD GODS DID I JUST READ,WOW Full review coming soon Thank you so much to the eternally beloved Ellyn for buddy reading this with me and motivating me to finally give it a try Honestly, who among us hasn t gotten frustrated with their favorite writer and felt like holding them prisoner while forcing them to write the exact book that we want Well, don t do that because it would be wrong What kind of twisted freaks are you people Paul Sheldon is a best selling author who just ended his popular series of romance adventure novels by killing off the lead character, Misery Chastain After finishing a new novel at a Colorado resort Paul has a car accident and awakes to find that his legs have been shattered, but that he s been saved by his self proclaimed number one fan, Annie Wilkes Unfortunately, Annie turns out to bethan just a little crazy, and when she learns that Paul killed Misery in the latest book she demands that he write a new one that brings back her favorite character Held captive by a madwoman, Paul is almost helpless to resist the physical and psychological tortures she uses to get her way while insisting that it s really for his own good.This book seems eerily prophetic of King s career in some ways Uncle Stevie hadn t yet frustrated readers of his Dark Tower series with long delays between books, and yet he absolutely nailed the self righteous fury of a fan who feels somehow cheated out of what they deserve You gotta think that later on King worried that he had some version of Annie out there just waiting to chain him to typewriter to finish DT He was also years away from suffering his own enormous physical trauma after being hit by a car, but he still makes you feel every agonizing moment that Paul suffers from his accident and at Annie s hands Like Paul, King would also have the experience of returning to writing being a matter of overcoming physical pain but also finding it to be a way to escape it.One of King s biggest strengths is that he knows the power of a good story, and this plot serves him well by really letting him dig into that Annie s obsession with Misery is something that probably almost every reader can relate to, but what s really interesting is how Paul s need to tell the story becomes just as compelling as Annie s threats The set up lets Uncle Stevie explore the whole notion of just why we gotta know what happens next as well as the rules that make it a satisfying resolution or a cheat.I could make a pretty solid argument that this is King s best book He was very much at the peak of his powers here, and either the simple two person structure of the story or good editing kept this at a normal novel length That d become a rarity in his bloated books after this, and it does feel like King at his most disciplined In Annie Wilkes he crafted a character worthy of being included in a Villain s Hall of Fame, and he makes good use of her as a figure who can be terrifying, sometimes tragic, and weirdly humorous at times However, I m not saying it s my favorite King book Probably The Stand or the last Dark Tower hold that honor Why wouldn t his best book be the one I enjoy most Because he did just too good of job on making us feel Paul s pain Sure, this is a book about a man who suffered a terrible accident and then found himself brutalized at the hands of a psychopath so it makes perfect sense that Uncle Stevie would want us to ache along with Paul Yet, it s very hard to spend an entire book with a main character who is almost always at some level of agony without feeling worn down by it It s necessary for the plot, but it also makes it a slog at times.So it s definitely among King s best, but it s also one I haven t read it nearly as many times as some of his others because it s simply too damn tough to get through at times Still it s a 5 star ride if you grit your teeth and keep reading as Paul keeps on writing. Alternate Cover Edition HerePaul Sheldon He S A Bestselling Novelist Who Has Finally Met His Biggest Fan Her Name Is Annie Wilkes And She Is Than A Rabid Reader She Is Paul S Nurse, Tending His Shattered Body After An Automobile Accident But She Is Also His Captor, Keeping Him Prisoner In Her Isolated House