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When Nate and Josh's father gets a teaching position at a new college and the boys are forced to move to a new town a strange gift from a sickly old neighbor changes their lives forever Given the magical power to reanimate dead things the boys are suddenly drawn into other worldly battles Will the boys use their power to defend their neighborhood? Or will they use it to get into trouble? With the help of Billy their funny friend they go about creating a Monster Army But what is that army and what is its purpose? A strange woman—is she a goddess?—is supposed to be in charge of the good side but she's full of too many secrets Nate and Josh need to find out the truth They need to protect their mom and their little sister Lilly while doing it And what about Dad the college professor? Can he help them with all his smarts? It ain't easy being kids with power It started out fun but then got real scary Nate and Josh want to do the right thing If they can survive

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    Fun and fast paced Great book for kids and young teens but adults will like it too A fresh innovative plot will keep you turning the pages The characters are age appropriate – the kids sound like kids not miniature adults Don’t miss this one

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    This book was great The story and characters revealed a world of magic creativity and heroism to challenge both imagination in the uest to conuer evil This brought not only suspense but alot of laughs Its a good read

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    This is a fun fast read

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    Great Summertime read Fun and adventurousand believable Kids loved hearing it almost as much as i loved reading it to them Recommended