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Alive or dead the truth won't rest My name is Georgia Mason and I am begging you Rise up while you canThe year was 2014 We had cured cancer We had beat the common cold But in doing so we created something new something terrible that no one could stop The infection spread virus blocks taking over bodies and minds with one unstoppable command FEEDNOW twenty years after the Rising Georgia and Shaun Mason are on the trail of the biggest story of their lives the dark conspiracy behind the infected The truth will out even if it kills them The Newsflesh trilogy boxed set includes Feed Deadline and Blackout

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    I really enjoy the Newsflesh series I’m a zombie book lover and enjoy this series initially because of this I stay for all of the additional story lines because the author has created a rich world with characters that are intriguing and well rounded I well understand why this series has won awards Those who like this unusual genre will be drawn in by this new refreshing look

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    If you're truly deeply completely afraid that the Zombie Apocalypse is imminent well you probably need to stagger your medication a little better But if you're a fan of doomsday survival mixed with a seriously deep and solid mystery and sprinkled with an epic love story this is the series for you It's non stop action non stop scary and punch you in the face violent It's political intrigue stupidly heroic snort your coffee on the screen and laugh out loud funny It's heartbreaking and beautiful and smart and most of all it stays with you It's just impossible not to fall in love with these characters the richest and most complex real unreal udead characters since Buffy and the Scooby gangSeriously do yourself a favor and read these books Just don't read them before you go to sleep

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    In all honesty the Newsflesh Trilogy is one of the strangest trilogies I have ever read Why is that? Well I was expecting non stop zombie action Instead the book seemed to focus upon the politics and conspiracies of the world Don’t get me wrong it was entertaining – it just wasn’t what I was expectingSo as a forewarning if you’re looking for zombie fighting this is not the book for you

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    Awesome Just awesomeI've enjoyed a lot of Seanan MacGuire's work and only just started looking at her stuff written as Mira Grant I was initially not too enthused about Newsflesh as zombies really aren't my thing but Grant makes them fresh and interesting and fascinating with a lot of shout outs to classic zombie schtick for those who were already into zombies The first book could have worked as a standalone and I suspect it was written that way in case it didn't do well enough to merit a seuel but it's in the second book that things really start to get interesting There's a huge conspiracy plot that begins in the first book and threads its way through the rest and does eventually get resolved view spoilerin part by kidnapping the president hide spoiler

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    This series would have been enjoyable had it been at least 30% shorter There is so much downtime between events that's just not filled in interesting ways but with all kinds of info dumping about blogging journalism techy camera computer euipment talk It was tolerable in the first book for world building but it was just annoying after that I ended up skim reading most of the series George haunting Shaun is a majorly belabored plot point and I can't figure out why So that he won't be super shocked when he sees George's clone? And of course I have to mention the brothersister but not really romance What in the actual heck??? During the first 2 books it bugged me that their relationship was just off It was vaguely disturbing In the last book it comes out that they've just been a romantic couple for how long? Years? Since puberty? Before that? It's fucking weird y'all And again why? Why turn it into a freaky romance? These books had some cool action scenes and some of the world building was neat like how the world changed post zombies but it's just all overshadowed by the gross romance and major info dumping that doesn't do anything to move the plot along or enrich character development

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    There is a lot to admire about this series I don't think I have ever read a series that deals with any type of zombie except for The Serpent and the Rainbow which is nonfiction This series dealt in a reasonably believable way with the aftermath of a global viral pandemic It could be said that it falls outside the zombie genre altogether as it deals with the very unfortunate symptoms of the viral disease which include reanimation of infected persons except for the ones who get shot in the headOn the other hand spoilers there is a good bit that could have been edited out in the series and the whole enterprise would have been improved Was it really necessary for every interaction with a test to be mentioned? Was it really necessary for every interaction with his cohabitant to be mentioned? Just editing these down into stipulated would have made for fewer pages but better overall storytelling and flowAgain it was still an enjoyable read It could have been 5 stars instead of the 4 I've given

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    This book started slow for me so I'd started reading a few pages then stopped and then picked it up again a few weeks later I was receptive to the story the second time around because it's made me lose sleep for a few days because every time I put it down ready for bed I'd pick it up again and read till my eyes burned Always a sign of a good book for me I've read many zombie apocalypse type books and most of them deals with the MCs just struggling to survive but not really getting into the origins of the zombie apocalypse This book addresses that but in a measured way referencing to it from time to time wherever relevant I like the MCs siblings George and Shaun they complement one another also their employees on the website they run are a bunch of entertaining misfitsThough the ending of the trilogy adeuately tied up all loose ends I'd prefer a bit and wish that they author would consider an extended epilogue

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    Finished the first book DNF the second Plot became convoluted and uninteresting characters became bland and acted in unrealistic ways Interpreting the zombie apocalypse through the lens literally of a news organization is a concept that was immediately uninteresting to me but I decided to try to finish anyway I want to be clear that the last point is NOT a criticism of the author; it was clearly an idea she liked and is certainly uniue in zombie fiction at least to my knowledge However a third of the way through the second book I felt the plot was completely losing momentum and I decided to move on I think Grant is certainly a solid writer from a technical standpoint and my decision to drop this series would not necessarily preclude me picking up another of her books

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    This trilogy was a slightly different take on the zombie tale taking place 25 years after the dead began to rise and with an emphasis on the bloggers reporting the news for the masses too scared to leave their houses Politics conspiracies and at least a couple of unexpected deathsI'd say the first book was my favorite being that it had an interesting perspective on a post apocalyptic presidential campaign and a conspiracy that wasn't too outlandish I didn't think the middle book was as strong and the villain didn't make a lot of sense to me The final book had some ridiculous stuff but once disbelief was suspended or was a fun ride

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    Brilliant trilogy This is Zompoc however a very uniue and unusual take on the genre mixed in with triller The storyline is based in a couple decades or so time after the “Rising” was which was the Zombie Apocalypse Society isn’t like a Mad Max film The storyline follows a group of internet journalists and a conspiracy which will rock the foundations of the post Rising society I am about to start the 4th book in the series and perhaps the shorter stories accompanying the main books I really enjoyed reading this