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'Hannah August's intelligent and humane study illuminates sometimes uncomfortably the ways in which our demographics are changing and our attitudes are not This is public intellection that is curious rigorous and highly relevant to our time' Eleanor Catton In 2013 there were over 66000 women between the ages of 25 49 living in New Zealand than there were men This so called ‘man drought’ is a hot topic for journalists and academics alike who comment on how the situation might affect New Zealand women’s chances of finding love Yet they rarely stop to ask women their own opinions on the matter In this BWB Text Hannah August does just that integrating interview material statistics and cultural commentary in order to demonstrate why we need to talk differently about the ‘man drought’

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    So my mum bought me this book as a joke Christmas present but the joke's on her because I actually really liked it It really got me thinking about New Zealand culture and its strengths and weaknesses I think everyone should read it and consider the way that single women are treated and if it reflects our largely progressive culture

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    Not gonna lie ‘twas a little bit scary and a lot uncomfortable to read this given I’m a well educated 30 single female with imminent breeding ambitions living in Auckland so paddling in the pool with the worst malefemale population in NZ But truths have a habit of being uncomfortableDefinitely worth a read to understand that it’s not necessarily me and that I’m not imagining that all the single women around me seem to be supersized marriage material and so distinctly intimidating competition in the search for a compatible partner No It’s actually the reality of returning home from my OE and thankfully no amount of preening or burpees is gonna improve the situation Probably gonna need therapy nowOr maybe I can devise a way to change my DNAbrain so that I could be interested in loving the ladies instead of the menFuck

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    An interesting and uniue topic Reads a bit like an MA thesis rather than a book you'd read for pleasure but that's Hannah's academic background coming to the fore