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They took the job to escape the world They didn't expect the world to end Kasker Rampart a derelict refinery platform moored in the Arctic Ocean A skeleton crew of fifteen fight boredom and despair as they wait for a relief ship to take them home But the world beyond their frozen wasteland has gone to hell Cities lie ravaged by a global pandemic One by one TV channels die replaced by silent wavebands The Rampart crew are marooned They must survive the long Arctic winter then make their way home alone They battle starvation and hypothermia unaware that the deadly contagion that has devastated the world is heading their way

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    do you like this??then you will probably like this book it has very many awesome things in it like arctic isolation and metal spiked zombies and flamethrowers and the scariest cruise ship ever and only a couple of things that are crappy and not even crappy crappy but just those little annoying impossibilities you can't help but note when you are watching moviesreading books like these and you are like hold up that doesn't make sense or but surely the timer would have run out by now kinds of things they are pretty wonderfully summed up in the view spoiler of this review so i am not going to bother typing them all out myself i will just say ditto sisterand i liked it it is an incredibly densely written and slow paced book where most zombie books are zippy action and dialogue based this one is focused on description and it does a wonderful job with atmosphere and the whole icy wilderness is just as scary as the monsters which is something i always appreciate when we are reminded that nature will kill you just as uickly as any old zombie the characters themselves are less developed but that's okay because you probably don't want to get too attached to any of them because the arctic gets coldthis works totally fine as a stand alone bookalthough i see it is called #1 and i see there are 2 other titles listed although none of these are available in my countrygimmie the other ones pleaseworld but not Unautomate Your Finances because that looks like the real dud of the series come to my blog

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    it is a remote refinery in the arctic there is a disparate crew there is freezing cold and isolation and all of those sorts of things these are the sorts of things i often like to read about there is a mysterious worldwide disaster there are zombies a new kind of zombie metallic zombies there is a space born plague maybe? the plague is from nanobots maybe? one can only guess there is an abandoned luxury liner it is full of zombies there is an ambiguous ending which is perfectthe book has a certain kind of writing style there are a lot of short declarative sentences it is like so it actually drove me crazy in the beginning it was so monotonous everyone sounded the same but then it began to work it sorta began to work Baker's monotonous style never changed never became invisible but it began to feel like the exact style needed for his tale but i don't want to underplay the frustrating monotony of the style it got under my skin like a metal based nanobot? maybe sothere is a fat chaplain she is our protagonist the 'fat' part is important it becomes the key to understanding her character her motivation and her isolation and her self loathing there is a ruthless young lady she may be going mad she may be our villainess hard to say but an absorbing characterthe characterization is not the strongest part but those two characters were uite well done there is a third character who is even compelling her name is Dr Elizabeth Rye she is also well characterized her background and her context and her thought processes made sense the next sentence is a spoiler she becomes a zombie we continue to read her thoughts her thoughts are fascinating and her story is bizarre and frustrating and tragic she is my favorite part of this novelthe book is grim grim and grim but it is not all grim there is some hope in the book the book is not necessarily scary but it certainly creates a mood the mood is grim it is a cold feeling but the book did not leave me cold i don't like the cold but i like to read about the cold i liked the book

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    This has to be one of the worst things I've read I had no idea what the hell was happening 90% of the time the writing was terrible and read like a film script than a book Jane goes from Pathetic Wimp to Capable Warrior Woman in a blink of an eye apparently she starts the novel as obese and manages to slim down enough to run marathons around the rig in a couple of weeks None of the characters were interesting cardboard cut outs the plot felt like a bad sci fi movie and I feel a little cheated This would have been a great novel if someone else had actually written it or if Baker had put effort into adding some sort of complexity rather than concentrating on far fetched action scenes and 'splosions

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this The writing is excellent the characterisations for the most part are great It is dark atmospheric claustrophobic and most importantly uite frightening The first part of the novel can be read as something separate from the virus that is sweeping the planet The explanations on the differing ways in which it is possible to die in a freezing and extremely remote environment are uite frightening themselves Add mutations zombies to the mixture and all of a sudden the fear aspect is stepped up even further and in the case of our characters this addition allows deep seated personal fears and doubts to come to the fore Baker gives some very good examples throughout the novel concerning psychological issues and the ‘cabin fever’ effect The book is told mainly from the perspective of the surviving crewmen or do I need to be politically correct and say ‘crew people’? The few times the narrative is changed to the point of view of one of the infected are fascinating allowing an insight into the collective zombie for want of a better description mind A few things do concern me though which I only really thought about once I'd finished the novel I'll hide these concerns as spoiler alert so as not to distract from the main reviewview spoiler1 Jane Beginning of the book she is described as morbidly obese who had trouble running a kilometre circuit By the end of the book I'm guessing the course of events in the book take approximately 3 months give or take she is not only described as 'thin' but somehow can sprint 15 kilometres over ice to catch up to a floating refinery I'm sorry that doesn't make sense to me To lose that much weight in such short a time would be extremely difficult at the best of times if at all possible even But really it's the running that irks meThe characters well the ones who haven't died yet have set the refinery free of its moorings to capture the current and float south Fair enough Jane leaves the floating refinery to rescue a friend and is told she has 60 minutes once the hour is up she needs to turn around Again fair enough However what confuses me is the now lack of timescale and distance The 60 minutes come and go some good action stuff happens they escape Two of them escape on a snowmobile to reach the refinery Jane on the other hand the formerly morbidly obese character turned superwoman has no such option She uickly calculates the distance she will need to cover to get to the refinery and estimates it is 15 kilometres Running 15 kilometres on ice and whilst dodging mechanised crazed zombies I think and this is just my opinion would take a bloody long time It would most certainly be too long in order to capture a floating free refinery Sorry it just doesn't make any sense to me My initial reaction was “how the fuck?”2 Nikki Seriously how did she get back to the refinery? I’m supposing an air of mystery is intentional on the author’s part but I find it difficult to just swallow the fact that she travels in a handmade boat by herself over the course of a few weeks then changes her mind and travels AGAINST the current tide in a non motorised boat Or did she teleport there once she becomes the psychopath with voices in her head telling her to become leader of the zombies? This part was so weird I would have preferred it if Nail had become the psycho he was already described and presumed to be one throughout the course of the bookOk that wasn’t really a few concerns a couple but still they stood out for me as being peculiar in an otherwise well written book hide spoiler

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    35 StarsThis book is a decent first novel It has lots to like in it A great atypical hero in Jane  Blanc an amazing frigid setting at the top of the world and of course zombies This is post apocalyptic fun that on that level alone is five star greatnessLet me start by saying how much I really liked Jane Blanc I think that Baker did a fabulous job at taking this woman who normally would not make a good action hero and showed how through synergy with her morals her values and her experience she became the hero of Kaskar Rampart She was atypical you see because she was a reverend on an oil rig atop the Arctic When the shit hits the fan and supplies become scarce she brings very little to the table for the survival of this small community A holy woman with no real skills is little than a resource liability Add on to this Jane is overweight she is down right fat and loves to eat Baker plays up on some of the stereotypes but as the book slowly unfolds Jane transforms herself in a way that seemed real She possessed the innate leadership ability that the doctor the engineer and the muscle could not eual I found myself rooting for her early onBaker found a way to put two things together that I can never get enough of Post Apocalyptic stories and the harsh realm of the Arctic Great stuffAs for the fall of the world Baker handles that through minimalism He gives us just enough to paint the picture without trying to go into the how's or the why's There is no attempt at science or explanation This is a book about survival It reminded me of a cross between the movie The Thing the black oil of the x files and 28 Days of Night It is a lot of fun to feel the cold as you read through this bookThe zombies are never really called by that name Yes the word undead is used sparingly but for the most part these are not your typical shufflers I love zombies of all sorts so these worked well for meThere are some stereotypical side characters and there are many plot points that can be  seen to be coming from a mile a way as it has been done countless times before That being said Baker has created a first novel with a memorable hero some decent sidekicks and put them through an extraordinary set of circumstances This book is my idea of an enjoyable read It is like a great Sci Fi B movie that I can never get enough of I recommend this one for the post apoc crowd and those that like survival books

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    You hate humanity You take a job at an arctic oil rig with the rest of the rejects in the world Then the zombie apocalypse happens and you are stuck stranded on the sidelines waiting to starve or freeze to deathI hate it when that happensFortunately or unfortunately depending on your viewpoint of zombie novels the zombies do catch up with our unlucky oil rig residents But before that happens Adam Baker in his debut novel Outpost sets up a different kind of zombie novel in which the personalities of our survivors takes center stage Jane and the other characters are basically losers Even as they try to decipher why they are cut off from the world they are ambivalent about reentering whatever is left of society But that is better than dying They thinkThey think wrong About a third of the way through the zombies appear Suffice to say these are some of the most grotesue zombies I have encountered in these novels The author successfully weaves a mix of psychological suspense survival book and straight out hack and slash zombie tale It's a nice balancing act that kept my attention way longer then most of the books of this type One of the most interesting things is that Baker manages to make the idea of arctic survival and its perils as terrifying as being devoured by zombiesAll in all one of the better books of this type Recommended for anyone who has tired of the Urrgh Arrgh variety of zombies

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    Forget global warming the world will end in great balls of zombie apocalypse and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise Outpost is a surprisingly heartfelt story about a bunch of losers who happen to have the ultimate misfortune of getting stranded on an arctic oil refinery during a bout of worldwide zombie outbreak Granted the plot has been done to death but I can’t help caring for these characters which goes against every zombie rule I stand for alas by the end of the book I’ve had my heart broken so many times Jane the clinically obese priest on a constant yo yo diet is now my favorite zombie fighting tough chick Ghost is a beyond cool pothead gun slinging turban wearing Sikh dude Other characters are your usual stereotypes; wise older lady with a past friendly comic relief chef vulnerable young woman and of course an hole in residenceI found the narrative uite choppy and the zombie rampagecarnage done on a microcosmic scale It would be nice to have some global mayhem scenes instead of a few descriptions from TV and radio footageRecommended for zombieapocalypse fans

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    I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt say it again I am utterly fascinated by apocalyptic fiction I grew up in the eighties and I think this has left a rather fatalistic streak in my character I still remember the first time I was exposed to dramas like When the Wind Blows and The Day After These left a distinct impression and as I grew up and learned to appreciate the written word I have devoured any fiction that touches on this broad subject matter The nature of the cataclysm itself is almost irrelevant It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a pandemic nuclear annihilation alien invasion or zombie apocalypse I am interested in learning about the characters and their journeys while trying to surviveSetting the majority of the story in such a closed environment is extremely effective Surrounded by an inhospitable landscape Kaser Rampart is a virtual prison which adds a nice feeling of claustrophobia In the first half of the story the characters are trapped in what is essentially a confined space with nowhere to run to while waiting for the other shoe to drop I was reminded of the classic John Carpenter’s movie The Thing There is a palpable feeling of dread and impending doom that permeate every chapterWhen the contagion finally reaches the rig the slow pace accelerates rapidly as for the survivors it becomes a race against time to escape The thin veneer of civility finally collapses and factions begin to form There are those who are all about self preservation and are willing to do anything to survive while others are willing to do anything to help the group as a whole Put it this way as things get worse and worse the saying that “civilization is only three hot meals away from total anarchy” seems and aptThe real heroine of the novel is Jane Blanc the refinery vicar She starts out as a bit of a doormat Her low self esteem has driven her to take a job far away from the rest of the human race In an effort to escape her old life she has ended up in this remote location As the story develops there is a genuine sense of development in her character as Jane starts to tap into and use unexpected reservoirs of inner strength She rises to the challenge of a continuing existence and her grim determination is inspirational She steadfastly refuses to uit and give in to the crushing despair that everyone else is drawn towards Jane gets stronger and able to cope as those around her fall apartOutpost touches upon some truly dark subjects; suicide cannibalism and murder to name but a few I was impressed with how Baker’s writing tackled these areas The isolation of the rig is well observed and felt very real As the situation escalates and things go from bad to worse Baker ramps up the levels of paranoia and mistrust among the survivors The psychological impact of the end of the world leaves scars on everyone and the author spends time delving into the effects of this emotional trauma I found it difficult to put the book downHarrowing and grim at times but ultimately uplifting Outpost is the debut novel from author Adam Baker and is available now I can’t recommend this enough Baker is definitely a new author to watch

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    Good premise and well executed This is a good book in PA Zombie fiction category and is worthy of attention On an off shore refinery platform in the Arctic the crew is isolated from rest of the world when the apocalypse occurs This book reads as a movie script and keeps you turning pages in order to know what happens next Yes characters are not as well developed as books from other genre but you have to accept the fact that the aim of this genre is different than others To put it simply its main objective is pure enjoyment If you want to read about fleshed out characters go read something from a Nobel laureate of literatureNow back to this particular book I really liked how the story arc of some characters like Rye in particular was developed And the main male character in the book is an Indian Rajesh Ghosh aka Ghost – Sikh to be exact Our main protagonist Jane Blanc is a female who thankfully for a change is not a slim and trim beauty with brains but fat and unskilled Her character develops well as the book progresses The end could have been done better but that is just a minor hiccup for otherwise a good work of PA Zombie fiction 35 stars

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    You gotta love it when you read a book by an author previously unknown to you and enjoy the hell out of it Score New author for me good dealAnother post apoc zombie story but an interesting premise it takes place on an oil platform in the Arctic Ocean A few reviewers have made comparison to the movie The Thing and I can definitely relate to that sentiment it was kind of like the Thing minus the awesome music It was a little predictable and I really couldn't get in to the characters too much but I am a real fan of the genre so overall I really liked it This was his first book too so again I am optimisticI just reserved another one of his books at the library Definitely recommended to fans of the genre