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Don’t miss a moment of the complete New York Times bestselling Unwind dystology from Neal Shusterman now available as a collectible boxed setAfter the Second Civil War the Bill of Life states that human life may not be touched from the moment of conception until a child reaches the age of thirteen However a loophole allows parents to retroactively get rid of a teenager through a process called “unwinding” Three teens defy the system and run away from their unwinding Connor a rebel whose parents have ordered his unwinding; Risa a ward of the state who is to be unwound due to cost cutting; and Lev his parents’ tenth child whose unwinding has been planned since birth as a religious tithing As their paths intersect and lives hang in the balance Connor Risa and Lev must work together to survive—and they may change the fate of America in the process This complete boxed set includes hardcover editions of Unwind UnWholly UnSouled and UnDivided

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    I really enjoyed this ceries I would recommend it to junior high and up readers I am not sure what to say about it It was nothing I have experienced reading before People were soulest and the young rebellious children were sent to get unwind which means to be killed and their body parts were harvested for others to use Their was a person built completely out of harvested parts and the book showed his struggle with whether or not he was a being or not Enjoy and Be BlessedDiamond

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    So I just finished this series Overall I give the series 5 STARSThe concept of Unwind caught my attention instantly The idea of abortion being illegal but if you still don't want your child you can have them unwound between the ages of 13 18?? Who even comes up with that??? I can't even tell you what it means to unwind someone You have to read that for yourselfThis series makes you think and in some cases uestion your beliefs with such subtlety that you don't even realize it's happening So many political under tones make me wonder if young readers even get it The emotional roller coaster that you board from the first page of Unwind to the last page of Undivided is one that will stay with you It is listed as a YA dystopian series but this in no way fits the traditional mold This isn't anything like Divergent Hunger Game etc I have never read anything like this series before deb

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    Disturbing Intense Deep Touching Horrifying Spellbinding Gripping Intricate Memorable A Refreshingly Uniue Read I Loved This Refreshingly Uniue Read

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    Talk about rustling my jimmies I found the concept behind this book to be profound and disturbing than that of say the Hunger Games or Divergent At least in the Hunger Games the people of the Districts don't like the Games they don't want to send their children to the Games etc However in the world of Unwind Unwinding is seen as a normal part of life something as nearly ordinary as sending your kid to bootcamp for bad behaviorI actually read this book over half a year ago but I felt I needed time to process it before writing a review because this book really hit me deepThe sad thing is children can be Unwound for ANY reason however arbitrary or fucked up Here are the following Because the kid is your typical but not dangerous troubled teen Connor Lassiter Because there are too many children in the orphanage so a certain percentage needs to be culled out to fir the budget regardless of them being troublemakers or not Risa Ward Because your parents are religious whackjobs who take the Biblical tithe thing way too seriously Levi Caulder Because you stood up against your stepfather when he was beating up your mother and your mother sided with your stepfather and chose to get rid of you instead of the asshole who abuses her Roland Because your parents are getting divorced and their divorce is so bitter than they can't agree on custody and so would rather have you Unwound than share Hayden Upchurch Because your father wanted a boy and abortion is illegal so he had several daughters before finally having the son he wanted As soon as the daughters turn 13 off to Unwinding I can't remember the girl's name I think it was Mai? Because abortion is illegal unwanted babies are abandoned at other people's houses this is called Storking and such children are called Storks Once a baby is abandoned on your doorstep you are obligated to take care of it unless you manage to sneak it over to someone else's house Because many people resent being left with a Storked child they will sign an Unwind order as soon as the Stork turns 13 Michael Starkey Because your parents are dead and your greedy bitch of an aunt would rather use the money your mother left you for her own children instead I forgot this child's name but do recall he was the recipient of an lung from an Unwind when he was younger For any reason reallySo if a child finds out heshe is to be Unwound they will try to escape The goal is to remain hiding until they turn 18 in which case they are no longer Unwindable Many are of course caught but some do make it all the way to 18This story focuses mainly on three people Connor Risa and Levi as they are on the run from the people who would literally take them apart This book was one hell of a rollercoaster ride with so many twists and turns including a chapter where the Unwinding process is gone into detail and it is horrifically revealed that each Unwind by law must remain conscious during their Unwinding even when all that is left is their brainThat left my jimmies rustled for a long long long time Still an excellent book and one I found much immersive and scary than Hunger Games Unwind was one hell of a book and I was so glad that I had purchased the entire Unwind boxset so that when I finished Unwind I could start right away with UnWhollyThe world of Unwind is explored especially after the explosive denouement in the first book Connor and Risa are now helping other Unwinds and we get a larger glimpse into the world in general and after what happened in the first book some people are taking notice and uestioning the ethics of Unwinding Nowhere near enough to actually end the practice of course but the system was so ingrained that it is not going to be easy to overcomeWe are presented with a horrifying aspect of Unwinding Rewinding in the form of the character of Camus Composite Prime Camus Comprix a young man who was literally created from the parts of dozens of Unwinds This Frankenstein fortunately becomes self aware than his creators had intended and becomes a character that one can genuinely care forsympathize with despite his origins His affection for Risa Ward lends him a certain human uality that made him feel even realOverall this is a very good continuation of Unwind and continued to have a deeper effect on me than many other dystopian novels wouldYou know the saying that actions have conseuences? Unsouled certainly illustrates it whether the guys be good or bad The actions of Connor Lassiter and others of his ilk who are trying to bring down the Unwind system is inevitably going to bring backlash from those who wish to maintain the status uo and it is here that we see glimpses of how sinister Proactive Citizenry really isThere are of course other story threads in here including that of Michael Starkey almost a main character in his own right Deeply resentful of his Stork status and how Storks are generally less valued than other kids he decides to mobilize Storked kids into his own army working separately from the other Unwinds and willing to bring his tactics to a level of violence that Connor was unwilling to goCamus Risa Levi and Hayden all have their own stories in here as well and we learn about what happened to Levi during his absenceThe world of Unwind continues to be explored here and it all leads us towards one hell of a cliffhanger that will have readers chomping at the bits for the final bookWow Just WOW After reading the first 3 books i was SO STOKED for UnDivided and I was overall not disappointed There are several storylines Camus Connor Risa Levi etc as the events and conseuences of Unwinding come to light Proactive Citizenry's own creation is rebelling against them it is discovered that PC actually suppressed and tried to destroy technology that would have made Unwinding obsoleteThe books reveal that Unwinding was not just a source of needed organs but also vanity ones For example a parent wants their child to be better in math Solution? Get a part of a brain from an Unwound child who was proficient in math What about piano? Get a pair of hands and part of a brain from an Unwound who was skilled at piano which was what Risa was slated for before she escaped Unwinding Hair eyes etc People can buy Unwind parts for vain reasons which just makes Unwinding even horrifyingAnd then there's the Dah Zhey Because of course Unwinding is not just big business in America I have to say I really wished the author had not referenced Bonsai Kittens Although a hoax Bonsai Kittens is a cruel joke and one that needed to just die Unwinding is such big business that parts pirates will actually try to assassinate one another to have a bigger slice of the Unwinding pie pun absolutely intendedThere is so much happening in this book Connor Risa Levi Michael Hayden Camus et al The author really knew how to weave a compelling tale with the help of the Widow Rheinschild the Aripache Nation Argent and Grace Skinner and the people becoming increasingly concernedhorrified over the ethics of Unwinding as Proactive Citizenry's manipulations are brought to lightMy complaint is that the history of the Heartland War was not explored I don't feel that the history was as clear as it could have been so the origins are still somewhat murky and leave me somewhat unsatisfied as to an explanation for how it all started it kind of felt like the author was brushing this part of the story a bit under the rug One complaint is what happened to Camus I don't want to spoil too much but something was done to him in Book 3 to try to sever his relationship with Risa and I was thinking that in this book at least the ending that problem would have been solved I'm sure that if Camus had reached out to Admiral Dunfee Dunfee would have been than happy to help himNonetheless the ending was overall satisfying Not too cliched and cheesy as I feared it might be There's a mix of happy sad and bittersweet After disappointing series finales like Mockingjay for Hunger Games or Allegiant for Divergent I was happy to finally read a series where the last book was actually satisfying Overall I highly recommend this series

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    Rating 455

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    Neal Shusterman explores important moral dilemmas that would be fascinating if they weren’t in a young adult book series What happens when Society dictates that only “worthy” people deserve to keep their humanness? What defines being human and being alive? Does one’s soul continue after death?However these uestions get lost in angry teenager drama a love triangle and too many characters to count The present tense is used throughout the omniscient narrative and it feels like the author is telling instead of showing Perhaps Shusterman was illustrating the immediacy of the moment but I personally would have preferred past tense The writing style made it difficult for me to connect to the characters While I could sympathize with their plight I had difficulty cheering for them when everything sounds like a newspaper articleThe love triangle between Cam Risa and Connor felt unnecessary in everything that was going on As Risa exclaims in Undivided she can't understand why losers with penises keep coming onto her Well the readers don't know why eitherOne good part to this series are the newspaper articles and blurbs scattered throughout the chapters It shows how Society's moral beliefs can gradually slip into becoming what we would consider inhumane today and made it seem plausibleIn conclusion while the premise was fairly original from most dystopias the writing style felt stilted and I struggled to finish the series

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    The Unwind Dystology one of the most thrill disturbing series I have ever read in a good way I first read Unwind The first book as an assignment to finish a book that was assigned to us Lucky for me I got Unwind It was a match made in heaven I wouldn't stop reading the book because of how good it is Then once I finished Unwind and also found out that there was I wanted to read the whole series and that is what I did I just finished Undivided The fourth book and I am pretty satisfied with how it ended of course there is still The reason that I adore these books is that I mostly enjoy futuristic sci fi suspenseful and thriller genres In a matter of fact these books do a beautiful job having you in the edge of your seatLet's do a poll would you rather die or be unwound” HaydenIn my opinion I would recommend that kids over 12 should read the series or just the first book Yes there are some disturbing scenes in the book that might ruin your childhood but that is what makes this the book complete without them it would leave an empty space that leaves the reader confused or wanting from the book Also this book does talk about serious problems in the real world that maybe younger audience might not understand the topic it’s talking about But overall I do recommend this book to most people I know or who enjoy reading books There’s also many messages that the story that maybe younger people might not notice For example one of the many themes that throughout the books is that even in the worst situations you’re in there is always a glimmer of hope

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    If you are a student of languages and how words are formed then when you hear the word dystology it should immediately evoke a reaction Dys means bad or difficult and ology is associated with the study of something So is the message Neal Shusterman the author of The UnWind Dystology trying to send us is that this is a study of something bad and difficult? Is he trying to be clever and play on the words to form a dystopian anthology can't be a trilogy since there are four books? I don't have the answer to that but instead I am just going to tell you about the four books in this Shusterman series that my friend Sarah Reinhard introduced me toThe entire Unwind story takes place in the future a dystopian future Side note Dystopian futures seem to be the latest trend in YA novels with Hunger Games; Divergent; and the one that started it all The Giver In Unwind's dystopian future there was another civil war fought in the US This one was fought over reproductive rights with the resolution being that life is considered inviolable from conception until age thirteen Pause and think about that statement for a minute It sounds almost Catholic Life begins at conception and you cannot abort unborn children However there is a catch at the end of the statement Between the ages of thirteen and eighteen adults can have their children unwound The unwinding process takes all of the teen's organs and transplants them into others Life therefore is not terminated in the coldest of technicalities and with no regard for the soul of a humanIn the first book UnWind we are introduced to three teens who will travel with us throughout the rest of the series They are Connor Rissa and Lev Each of them are scheduled to be unwound for different reasons Connor's family has given up hope on reforming the rebel Rissa is a ward of the state so she is basically a cost cutting measure And Lev comes from an extreme religious sect His parents consider him a tithe since he is the tenth child The book follows these teens throughout many adventures including Connor and Rissa trying to escape to live and Lev trying to turn himself in because he believes being unwound is a great honor They soon find out they are not alone among teens trying to escape being unwound There is a whole group of them at an airplane graveyard which try to live out their existence until they turn eighteen and can no longer be unwound The whole story has good pacing and will leave you fascinated and uneasy that a society like this could existIn book two UnWholly the three teens from book one Connor Rissa and Lev have brought light to the horrible practice of unwinding Before them it was just an inconvenient fact of life Now the practice's morality has come into uestion We are also introduced to a new teen Cam who is made up entirely of unwound parts This leads to other moral uestions like is Cam really human? Does he have a soul or is he just a being that is less than the sum of his parts? Other teens are also introduced and become a part of the trio's group However these characters are a little 2 D and at times feel a bit of a carbon copy of some of the main characters as there is another tithe teen There is also the obvious villain a lot action and fighting the inevitable angsty love triangle found in all books of this genre and a lot less thinking in this bookUnSouled and UnDivided were supposed to be one book but it was running long so it was split into two books instead UnSouled again introduces us to a new character named Grace a teen with a simple mind in most regards but brilliant at strategy There is also the character of Sonia who the teens believe have the answer to stopping unwinding completely In this book Lev gets a bit of a prominent role and we see him develop Overall the book feels like and does lead to a cliffhanger like when Hollywood split up Harry Potter 7 and Hunger Games 3 Luckily I received all the books at once so didn't have to wait for the resolution UnDivided ties up all loose ends but not before some final fireworks conflicts and DRAMA I don't want to give away too much and spoil the series and how it ends You'll have to read the series to see if there is a chance for peace and a world without unwindingAs a whole this was a very enthralling series Most of the Young Adult dystopian future series start out really strong and with each subseuent book fizzle While The UnWind Dystology is not a perfect series it is certainly one of the best I have read in a while If you are a super big fan of the series there is also an e book called UnStrung that takes place between the first two books and fills in some gaps As a Catholic I don't generally recommend the latest dystopian future series because they are trite and usually devolve into a girl having to choose between two boys This book though not Catholic hits you over the head with Catholic themes Pro Life vs Pro Choice When does life start? It even makes you think about your views on life So many of us are pro life but only think about it in terms of abortion This book reinforces what should be a widely held belief that all lives are valuable This includes the unborn child and the prisoner on death row Overall I give this series 45 stars

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    Great series for young adults The entire time you are rooting for you favorite characters and uite possibly falling in love with the 'bad guys' Teenagers will agree that any type of grounding is defiantly better than being Unwound and we all hope it never comes to a point like that in the US Just remember not to clap and keep your hair long ;

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    Loved every bit of this series and also read Unbound Definitely stress in it then any teenager would hope to encounter With so many decisions to be forced to make and to avoid the inevitable finalization of death each character lived to their fullest potential means