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When Silla and her little sister Nori escape London and their abusive father Aunt Cath's country house feels like a safe haven Leaving the smog and fear behind the girls have the love and freedom they never had in their violent home But slowly ever so slowly things begin to unravelAunt Cath locks herself in the attic and spends day and night pacing; every day the surrounding forest inches slowly towards the house; a mysterious boy appears from the enclosing wood offering friendship and Nori claims that a man watches them from the dark forest A man with no eyes who creeps ever closer

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    He's out there I say turning back to the window Always watching Getting stronger And the Trees Crept In is a chilling read perfect for Halloween or just anytime you want to not sleepI of course started reading this book at night Being the fearless reader that I am I shrugged my shoulders and went to bed afterwards with only one glance inside the closet just to be sure it was empty Okay maybe two glances The real challenge came in the middle of the night when I needed a glass of water I must have turned on every single light in the house on my trip downstairs It was almost as if I could hear the same creaking in the walls Almost as if the tree branches outside the window had taken on a humanoid shapeThis book is one of the few truly scary books I have read It has a lot of classic horror elements woods old houses dolls the occasional mirror but the story turned out to be far better than I expected It kept me guessing right up until the very endIt opens with a short prologue followed by Silla and Nori's arrival at their aunt Cath's manor house a house that has been in the family for generations Gradually we will learn why they are there and what they have come from as well as what happened to Cath and their mother all those years ago This unfolds in torn journal entries and notes alongside the present story of their time inside the house Cath's insanity the girls' hunger the creeping woods and the strange boy who seemingly appears from nowhere Silla must work out what is happening and protect her mute sister from the house's many demonsThere is an increasing feeling of hysteria and panic as we try to pull apart the weirdness and work out whether the woods really are moving towards the house or whether Silla's unreliable narrative is becoming increasingly influenced by madness Is the Creeper Man real? Or is he the invention of children's minds?I'll be honest the book gets very strange before it eventually makes sense But I promise that it does make sense in the end The frightening confusing seuence of events leading up to the final revelation will probably disorientate you and have you thinking what the hell is going on? but it somehow works The author creates a claustrophobic world where horror is impossible to escape because it exists at every turn In the woods outside the house in the dark corners of the house itself even in Silla and Nori Creepy compelling and sadBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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    OMG THIS BOOK I feel like I just got off the crazy train with this book I feel like my brain could be related to this book This book is utter madness and I loved it Silla steals away in the night with her little sister Nori They are running from their father who abused them not that way like punching out teeth and stuff Their mother had told them about their aunt Cathy that lived in a mansion in the woods It was all good at first but then I love how this book is written and the pages laid out I will show a few at the end of the review The story is told in the now and back years ago when three sisters made a little no no in the woods Anne Youngest Most preciousPamela The middle sister Wildest Catherine Eldest Most Sensible The Jewel The AdventurerThe Protector Three little girls did a very bad thingThe girls aunt Cath told them to never go into the Python Woods There lives the Creeper Man A tree It's a tree I convince myself of this almost fully Until the thing steps forward his head turning a fraction in my direction I can almost hear the tiny creeeeeeeeeeak as his head rotates It is a tall long limbed bulbous headed shadow I blink again CloserAnd again CloserCloser each time Like the trees Tall thin Eerily silent Still and watchful A man Something like a man But he has no eyes I notice this right away He has no face Wait is that is that There's a mouth A long gash of a mouth thin and smiling A jagged line Until it falls open revealing teeth and an endless blackness Grinnnnnning And then it falls forward on all fours long and thin and impossible scuttling back into the woods head cocked up to me until he is nothing but a tree shadow and I don't know if I've seen it at all The Creeper ManI mean that right there should tell you how creepy this book is although when the girls first get there everything is fine They have a wonderful garden and time with their aunt And then things just go south from there I can't even people If you want a creepy book to read for Halloween or just to read then this is one of them AND THAT ENDING WHAT THE FECK IT BLEW MY MIND MY ALREADY CRAZY MIND FROM READING THE BOOK IN THE FIRST PLACE Bloody Brilliant MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

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    I loved the story hated the ending

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    I can’t rate this bookNot because it’s bad or because I’m unbelievably conflicted about it but for the following reasons1 I don’t read horror and let’s say that at the mention of a giant dead spider found on a bed there’s nothing else I can do but run2 It wouldn’t have been fair I think for me to rate this book having barely read 10% of it It actually isn’t bad at all It’s interestingly narrated and written and the story made me really curiousBUT I couldn’t read further I just couldn’t Call me sensitive but I seriously cannot stand horror Literally I’m prone to paranoia when reading a horror book or watching a horror movie Like what if there’s a maleficent ghost stalking my shadow?Yeah So why did I even bother with this book?Well first I thought I’d be brave but the truth is some things never change AND I do sometimes read horror books despite my saying I never do But they’re ‘‘creepy’’ than horrorish Thriller is not a problem at all for me But disgusting and ugly creatures eg spiders no thank youI’d recommend this book to fans of horror books IMHO it’s going to appeal to that kind of audience As I said interesting narration and story I can’t read it but I wouldn’t mind knowing how it ends let’s sayBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel From Beginning to Bookend Silla and Nori arrive at their aunt's home a decrepit manor the color of blood Even though Silla knows there's something wrong with the house it's better than the terrifying circumstances she and her sister left behind But food is running low and the forest around the manor seems to be creeping closer Silla knows she and Nori must go but something lurks in the woods something that won't let them leave There's a rhythm to the text in And the Trees Crept In It's poetic at times asking the reader to discern meaning from few words Circling circling circling the loom Stop it Please Stop it From beyond the door I hear a faintshuffffffling like something dragging itself closer I hear the thumping of something meaty and heavy like the sound of an object rolling andfalling down the stairs One at a timeCloser The sound changes Stops And then I hear a giggle This strange tale is peppered throughout with journal entries written by various characters These entries presented as journal pages or handwritten notes add a visual richness to the book Going one step further letter placement and font size are sometimes manipulated to infuse additional meaning It's a techniue not often used in print one that makes this book uniue The story itself has dark undertones and the creep factor occasionally hits a high note There is a flash of a different monster in her eyes and I shrink back I don't like it when she looks like Daddy I look over at the tall smiling man in the corner but she doesn't seem to mind him staring at us even though he has no eyes so I go back to being very very still The book's only flaw is its cryptic approach to storytelling Much of the time it's easy to follow but there are moments when what transpires on the page is baffling It's the author's use of language both sensory and haunting that holds the reader hostage to this unnerving story The farther I travel through Python the trees of which thrash and move around me in the wind like dancing voodoo priests the deeper the mud gets Ankle Midcalf KneeBefore I know it I'm wading through icy mud that clings and sticks and suelches as I go And the Trees Crept In is a chilling tale with unexpected twists where fantasy elements creep into the real world and readers are escorted to shadowy places where nightmares roam

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    3 stars to Dawn Kurtagich's And the Trees Crept In a suspense and horror novel that at points I wanted to give a 5 but at others a 1 It was insanity wrapped up in a bowl of champagne pure delight which I love spoiled by mushrooms the devil's lurid food which I hate and so forth I settled on a 3 but not convinced of it Story Silla and Nori show up on their aunt's doorstep far away from their parents' home claiming their mother sent them for a visit Aunt Cath finds it strange and worries that he'll never let them leave thus beginning the horror and suspense As time progresses Cath begins to go crazy and the trees that surround the house initially hundreds of feet away start creeping closer day by day They hear voices They see ghosts They fear World War 3 has begun The mail stops And then it gets even crazier Cath tells them the Creeper Man has come back but then she disappears to the attic where she paces the floor nightly Suffice to say nothing is what it seems and the crazy continues until the last twenty pages when it all comes together But the path there is uite confounding and elaborate StrengthsThe story is compelling Two little girls frightened by either their imagination or something dark and real But it happens every generation just as it did to the girls' mother and aunts With each page you feel the drama exploding and you are very intensely interested in what's real and what's blurry You will definitely be drawn in by the characters and the plotSuggestionsToo little is left out Until the end you really don't know the time frame of the story Once you realize they are talking about World War 3 you realize it's in the future but uncertain how far You know it's in England as they reference London a few times but no real knowledge other than that I believe it's intentional but I think it could have been done in a clear wayThe formatting alters too freuently Sometimes you are reading journal entries sometimes you are reading narrative The voice changes as character views change I understand it's intentional and necessary in order to keep some of the story's secrets but I feel like it could have been done in a stronger way For example without giving away any secrets about what happened to the original young sisters should have been dramatic scary and eventful We knew something happened but not exactly what it was If it had been intense the impact on the newer generation could have been dramatic instead of erratic Drama and suspense coming from reality is far scary than something you know will end up being made upFinal Thoughts I found myself skimming the middle section a bit It got repetitive The editor should have cut about 25% of the middle to make room for true action and scare instead of the over use of the same words and dreams It would have propelled the story much and likely created even of a fear factor That said it is still an interesting read worth a gander for those who are fan of a mega twist fear and the past come back to haunt you But go in with open eyes as you will read the same words over and over again until the point you need to word vomit I think that's a new term

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    This was a strange book And that ending has me all types of fucked up

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    I really loved this until the story started to come to an end I passionately hate the ending It was such a lazy uncreative conclusion to this otherwise very uniue story I'm so upset lolSPOILERS AHEADSeriously she was dead all along?? This is so old and overused aaah That's the same shit as the it was all just a dream ending Hell no That takes away all of the horror of the book It's stupid

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    Full review postedDo you like creepy? Do you like horror?Do you enjoy not being able to sleep without the lights being on?If you answered yes or no to either of these uestions thenYOU NEED TO PICK UP THIS BOOK You’re probably thinking ‘omg may that’s a teRRIBLE idea’ and im here to tell you that it is but you love to make horrible decisions anyways so why notAnd besides if I the person who literally reblogs those ‘pass this on or you will die’ images on tumblr can handle this book then you most definitely can – I hope just like don’t blame me if you have any traumatic experiences im not paying for any therapy billss So this book is freaky as hell and the ominous black pages and the creepy scrawls and the Creeper Man aka Slender Man really don’t help the cause 1110 would recommend to read it on a bright sunny happy day with lots of lights and surrounded by glitter and ponies and marshmallows Anyways silla and nori are such incredible characters even though you aren’t trapped in a haunted mansion you somehow relate to their situation and feel pain on their behalf Gowan’s a little cutie and I wanna protect him from everything poor baby The aunt creeped the hell out of me and still does to this day bye bye auntie And the writing DAMN it was so addictive and it like makes your body thrum with nerves absolutely amazingI swear guys I was reading it late at night and early in the morning even though I knew I was making one of the most regrettable decisions of my life but I just COULDN’T PUT IT DOWNThe ending kinda threw it off for me Like I LOVED the buildup and honestly the book warns you that the ending might be bleak bc that just makes it realistic but idk I just DIDN’T SEE THE ENDING COMING even though it was kinda anticlimactic NOT TO SAY THAT IT WASN’T GREAT BUT IT WAS So don’t be persuaded against the book Go buy a cute stuffed teddy bear and this book and curl up in bed and freak yourself out with the book or maybe skip the teddy bear stuffed animals always creeped me outi think i found my new favourite genre “Things can stay safe for longthey can pretend to fitbut then you hear Discord's songand things crack bit by bit”45 starsdont worry everyone not that anyone was worried but i got my big sister buddy reading to protect me from the terrors that are this bookif this book shook sana then you best be scared i have one hour until bed time and my brain is saying this is a bad idea but my heart is also saying this is a bad idea wants this pray for me 😐

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    While the positive reviews for And the Trees Crept In have been rolling in for the past few months I'm left wondering What did I miss? What a totally random stupid bookThe cover is unbelievably stunning and the premise sounds so intriguing It follows Silla and Nori two sisters who move into their aunt Cath's spooky old manor But Silla can't help feeling like the woods outside the house are creeping closer—and then there's the story about the Creeper Man in the woodsThe beginning actually wasn't that bad but after a few chapters I started to realize what a bunch of nonsense this book consisted of I think the author was going for an artsy writing style but it seriously made me feel dizzy to readIt was full of bold text diary entries• the main character• loved to make• random listsALL CAPS CAME OUT OF NOWHERE sudden font changes and random words were in italics for no apparent reason^If you got a headache trying to read that sentence then imagine a whole book written like that I know the artsy style appeals to a lot of people but it felt like a painful rambling mess to me It seems like authors who want to appear different these days will just change their book's format when it doesn't actually do anything to enhance the story Oh I'll just add some bold text there—voilà Instant originalityThe plot was confusing and unintelligible One minute Silla was worried about her sister the next a random boy showed up in the garden her aunt Cath was nowhere to be found and Silla couldn't seem to eat food Plus it seems kind of logical that if you're living in a haunted house near some cursed woods you should just like leave the house Instead there was a whole lot of drama when the characters could have taken the easy way outAnd then there's the romance Ugh it was so cringy and cliché between two starry eyed teens I felt nothing between them After barely knowing each other Gowan was telling Silla I love you I just couldn't bring myself to care about their instalove relationshipThe summary sells this book as achingly beautiful with chilling language that delivers haunting scenes I disagree I thought the writing was nonsensical inexperienced and unenjoyable The suspense was laughable This was a weak mystery at best; not a horror novel