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In the adrenalin fueled five book Escape from Furnace series—full of action adventure and mystery—Alex Sawyer seeks to break free of a hellish underground penitentiary for teenage offenders But with every step toward freedom Alex finds there will be no escaping the secret horrors and nightmarish creatures haunting his endless nights until he confronts and destroys the prison’s mastermindThis ebook bundle includes all five books in the series from author Alexander Gordon Smith Lockdown Solitary Death Sentence Fugitives and Execution Also included is the companion short story The Night Children“Fresh and ferocious will hook boys with its gritty unrelenting surprises” —James Patterson author of the Maximum Ride series “Furnace is hotter than hell and twice as much fun” —Darren Shan author of the Demonata series

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    I loved this entire series At every end of a chapter there was some kind of cliff hanger or something happened to the characters that just made you stare into the distance for a little bit because it's like whoa Everything slowly falls into place and it's AMAZING to read and for it to click in your head like 'oh oh oh my gosh that means this person is this person and he did this' THE CHARACTER AND PLOT DEVELOPMENT WAS OUTSTANDING I mean reading these books I continually had to remind myself I wasn't in furnace At some points I could feel everything that was described I don't even know how to say it These books definitely pull on your heart strings the best books always do and the ending of the whole series was amazing I would recommend these books to anybody I've usually gotten the first book for people for special occasions and they always come back to me and ask for the second book

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    I've been keeping a tab on all of Gordon's work especially within the past couple of years and it all stemmed from seeing Escape from Furnace first hitting the shelves It should come as very little surprise to know that I've come back over the years to reread and revisit this universe and that it's worth doing so every time Full disclosure I'm not a fan of horror There are some tropes and cliches that are lost on me and sometimes sht in that genre is too dang scary for me But Alexander Gordon Smith has been the exception to this rule and it has to do with the prevailing themes of hope in his work Hopelessness and nihilism for the sake of being edgy or real is such a predictable lazy route that upon first glance may seem like the fate of this hell prison In Escape from Furnace hope is what propels the plot forward it is what keeps you turning pages it is what makes all the horror blood sweat and tears worth it due to such a grounding and satisfying staple of Gordon's writing and of the universe as a whole Hell thanks to his prose and his writing there are so many beautiful sobering but inspiring uotes that really stick with you Gordon has a keen eye for writing chemistry and authenticity to his characters that fulfill the specific archetypes that they were meant to portray but they never feel cliche or as an author soapbox directed on giving unsubtle messages to the young adult audience Yes character deaths can come as uick as they are brutal but it doesn't come across as emotional shock value The weight behind each character is honest and continues to carry through the series regardless of whether or not they live through to the end again largely as they hold true to their core moral values and to their hopefulness of the future Now I know that for the most part this series was or less written chapter by chapter without any set in stone plans of where it would end and it kind of shows On one hand I do think the fact Gordon figuring his way out with Alex at the same time does give it a organic feeling to the writings flow and the impact of the plot twists and reveals On the other hand I've always felt that the premise of Escape from Furnace fell flat because of it The idea of Furnace Penitentiary being a prison for literal children being given life sentences due to a vaguely explained Summer of Slaughter of youth in gangs causing a spike of murder is or less socially accepted and brushed aside just doesn't sound realistic? The beginning of Lockdown feels like a way to get through the exposition and go to Furnace so that the fun of the horror prison heist can begin If this aspect of how this institution exists and how society as a whole coped with it it would've given a little insight to the characters and frankly would've made Fugitives a little depth now that society must reap what it had sown Other than that particular aspect of establishing the world I do love the overarching plot of Alex's journey and how the origins and secrets of Furnace as slowly revealed over all five books and the escalation from bad to worse but we still holding on to our hopes and dreams throughout it I'm telling you man it's all that fcking heart that goes into this series

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    I just finished execution the last book of this series and it is up there with some of my favorites The descriptive scenery and gritty details make it a blast to read and the plot twists are crazy great book

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    This Series was amazingly dynamic with all kinds of different emotions as it is described as the anther to be a horror series i kind of agree but also thing its an action thriller It kept me glued to the book at all times It shows how the innocence of children can be exploited

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    It was thrilling series from beginning to end Always leaving you hanging with suspense It puts you in an unescapable prison with monster guards gangs and a seemingly impossible break out

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    this series is one of the darkest and most graphic i have ever read it's great i would read it again and again like i do the old horror films everyday