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The perfect gift for fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent this boxed set includes all of the paperback editions of James Dashner's New York Times bestselling series The Maze Runner The Scorch Trials The Death Cure and The Kill OrderWhen Thomas wakes up in the lift the only thing he can remember is his name He's surrounded by strangers boys whose memories are also gone Nice to meet ya shank Welcome to the Glade Outside the towering stone walls that surround the Glade is a limitless ever changing maze It's the only way out and no one's ever made it through alive Everything is going to change Then a girl arrives The first girl ever And the message she delivers is terrifying Remember Survive Run

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    These books are aMAZEing You need to read them They are totally WICKED ;

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    The Maze Runner doesn't match competitors in the genre like The Hunger Games and Divergence but it isn't terrible either It is really rather of the same though the concept is compelling the author fails to fully deliver and you end up with a watered down version of a Westerfeld novel no one can touch the brilliance of Uglies so I'd rather they stop tryingThere are a few traps Dashner is guilty of here that I wish authors would stop falling for First the main character is rather whiny I have no idea why that's a thing but it takes away from a character Second advancing the plot by having characters not speak to each other so they end up in a crisis boring Third unnecessarily creating a new sublanguage the only one of these I ever liked was in Uglies

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    Most low reviews I read expressed disappointment let down expecting a similarity with other near future teen lit Hunger Games Divergent I ignored those reviews Having not read these other books and seeking a fast paced mindless weekend read I felt confident disappointment would not be my fate I pen this rare review to save the next unsuspecting reader This author has lazing writing habits Something that can be forgiven if the plot is fast paced and well developed It was not Lazy writing –author tells you does not show you I skimmed passed large portions of the book where the author regularly inserted a character sole for the purpose of delivering a speechexplanation The action does not speak for itself Key characters go under developed; I never could come to care about them I've enjoyed books penned by lazy author Those plots were interesting and believable Things were reviled at such a pace that you felt like you were on an exciting ride wanting This author uickly loses the thread of believability Felt like a Hollywood action seuel sad knock off where explosions and gore are used to distract from the poor acting and sub par plot If you seek a good read I recommend passing this selection up for another

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    I loved all 4 books I couldn't wait to get the kids down for nap or bed and have that me time spent reading these books Very well written; easy to read and refreshingly no curse words although they had their own they'd made up

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    This book passed it predecessor by farThe second book in the maze runner series meet my expectation and over The book takes place right where the last book took place which I loved This book set the gladers up with an amazing trial full of dangers secrets suspense and betrayal What I loved about thee book is that there was so much action in this book then in the last one and that's something that I really liked Also the plot I feel was much better then the first book because the writer just straight up tells you what's going on and not just placing you in a strange maze without knowing what's going onI also really liked the characters this time around I loved the friendship between Thomas Minho and Newt And I also loved reading about Thomas's and Theresa's relationship which I couldn't get enough of I also wanted to get to know the new characters Aris and BrendaOver all this book is suspenseful and if full of plot twist that will break your hearts

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    I can't help but notice the many parallels the series has with The Hunger Games Thomas reads like a male Katniss Everdeen1 Protagonist is a teenager who has lost a parent2 Story is set in a dystopic world and even mentions a location that both series share3 Protagonist is thrown into many life and death situations along with people his age4 Protagonist has both witnessed and committed acts which would scar any person for life5 Protagonist becomes a symbol of rebellion and fights against an authority composed of adults6 Protagonist finds peace in the end but not before suffering a most tragic lossWhat I like about the series are that1 While the first few chapters can be dragging once it gets going the books are hard to put down 2 The series is very coherent and each book is important in delivering the story as a whole No one book is better than the restBut essentially it's the same young adult story but packaged differently so if you're in the market to read about teenagers who act beyond their age in extraordinary and terrible circumstances Maze Runner is a good pick for you

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    Rating 4 starsThis series is amazingThe first 2 books are just perfect But I'm giving this series a 4 stars rating be ause I didn't really like The Death Cure and The Kill Order I don't know why exactly but those took me a while to finish it it didn't really have an impact for me I don't know how to say it differently it just didn't

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    It took me most of book #1 for me to decide if I even liked this book series It's not terrible but I've definitely read better stuff I like to complete a series no matter what because I always like to know where the author takes the story This particular author seemed to have trouble with the direction things were going I spent most of book #3 wondering how there was even going to be an ending And then of course once I got there I wasn't impressed It wasn't a terrible ending but it wasn't great I am however looking forward to seeing what they do with it at the cinema Maybe a film version will be better than the book It's not often but it does happen

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    I have many contradictory opinions about this series but these are the highlights without giving any of the plot away The 1st book in the series is a bit slow The author tries to make it mysterious but really he just drags things out too much I am happy to report that I just watched the movie and they fixed a lot of the problems the 1st book had like the slow pace and the author’s tendency to make things overly complex I also was never fully satisfied for the reasoning behind the Maze The author never goes into any explanation as to how the purpose behind the Maze gets to the goal it apparently was designed for that is all I can say without giving anything away The 2nd and 3rd books are all action This makes them really fast reads but they start to get monotonous In my opinion a good book should go somewhere have some kind of climax but this series just tries to ride the adrenaline high of the characters until the very end Also this series is very very dark It made the hunger games look like a picture perfect society comparatively I found that by the end of the 2nd book I was tired of this horrible world all the dying and the non stop actionI gave these books 3 stars because for the most part it kept me entertained but I would not recommend this series to a child or the faint of heart If you really stop and consider the world the author has created then you cannot help but to be horrified

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    Yet another trilogy in the style of The Hunger Games and Divergent It has been advertised as such and I would agree The complete series also includes a preuel which I think worked well in explaining the origins of the world the Maze Runner is set in The story is stranger for lack of a better word and the premise not as strong as The Hunger Games and Divergent but the trilogy as a whole is much stronger and does not taper out in the later books as the other trilogies did It was a much consistent experiencePlot progression was good the books are fast paced and difficult to put down and I always wanted to know what happened next The setting is vastly different in every book and is pretty well described and helps set the scenes of desperation in the dystopian world Character development in the main trilogy is poor Interesting characters had the unfortunate tendency to die while the main characters do not seem to progress past a rebel with a cause persona It was better in the preuel I also did not really buy into the premise of mapping the brain's reaction to different variables as a way to find a cure to a disease seemed silly to my scientific mindOverall worth the read and kept me entertained on the 40 hours flying to London and back