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What if you aren’t the Chosen One?The one who’s supposed to fight the zombies or the soul eating ghosts or whatever the heck this new thing is with the blue lights and the death?What if you’re like Mikey? Who just wants to graduate and go to prom and maybe finally work up the courage to ask Henna out before someone goes and blows up the high school AgainBecause sometimes there are problems bigger than this week’s end of the world and sometimes you just have to find the extraordinary in your ordinary lifeEven if your best friend is worshipped by mountain lions

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    2 12 starsHere's one thing for certain Patrick Ness is a total Buffy fanboy Or possibly he hated it but either way he paid enough attention to seemingly frame an entire book around the concept of The Chosen One and specifically Xander's uote from season 7 They'll never know how tough it is Dawnie to be the one who isn't chosen To live so near to the spotlight and never step in it This is a book about the people in the background The ones who aren't indie kids with names like Satchel and Finn The ones who do not get chosen never discover their secret powers never fall in love with a vampire and neither save nor destroy the worldEach chapter opens with a short synopsis on what the indie kids are doing Whether they've opened a supernatural portal been contacted by immortals or died From these small paragraphs emerges a humourous parody of The Chosen One genre before the chapter continues on with the everyday lives loves anxieties and mental health of the not chosenIt's a clever and interesting concept and yet I was in love with the idea of it than the actual execution If I wanted to sum this book up in a single sentence I would say Ness wrote a book about the boring everyday kids and it was kind of boring and everyday I wish that wasn't the case I really do Especially because I generally love everything Ness writes But if I'm being honest by far the strongest parts of this book were the small paragraphs at the start of each chapterNot that the normal kids are without sensationalism not at all Their lives are filled with eating disorders OCD car crashes absent parents and unreuited love But even though the book is well written on a technical level I did not find their stories very compelling or the characters themselves particularly interesting Ness has succeeded in writing a book about people who do not stand out at all I'm already forgetting about themI feel like credit should always be given where it's due though and I will say that Ness has written a fantastically diverse book in all senses of diverse I applaud him for doing so And I also applaud him for being one of the few YA authors to write sophisticated fiction that will make teenagers think and take them to places they can't get from the mainstream bestsellersI will continue to be excited when I see Ness has an upcoming release but this one didn't uite do it for meBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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    I was a bit disappointed with this book I found myself comparing it to A MONSTER CALLS which I know I shouldn't have because they're completely opposite books from tone to message At the same time though this book offered up different things that I enjoyed We have an excellent diverse cast of characters the story itself was rather uniue It's just that something about it fell flat for me I still need time to gather my thoughts but expect a video review soon

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    I wonder what was going on last night With the lightsShe shrugs Probably some apocalypsethe problem with writing a book like More Than This is that you then have to write a book after More Than This and i was a little apprehensive about this one my copy has this coverwhich makes it look almost like a middle grade book and i was concerned that it wouldn't live up to the mind shattering acrobatic metafiction that was More Than Thisand it doesn't nothing ever willbut that doesn't mean this isn't a great book all on its own this book plays with the literary convention of the chosen one those who are set apart from their peers and tasked with a responsibility no less than that of saving the world and they wrestle with this burden and forgo having a normal adolescent life because they are the only ones who can do what needs to be done and they fight evil and deputize their friends in the struggle and still manage to pass their math teststhis book is not about the chosen onesthis book is about the blurry kids in the background of the wide angle shots the ones who are just hurrying to classit's about these people they attend the same school as the chosen ones and they witness the horrors that seem to follow the indie kids around but they are uninvolved in their exploits in their occasional demises on the sidelines all they can do is remark is that They better not blow up the high school againthe trials of the indie kids open each chapter with a brief synopsis of what is going on in their struggle while the book itself is primarily concerned with bringing the blurry kids into the spotlight to show that yeah there's a portal of doom opening in the gymnasium but other things are happening in what would ordinarily be the background and those struggles are every bit as challenging as the ones centered around the portal people have eating disorders OCD distant or absent parents unreuited love car accidents and these things matter Not everyone has to be the Chosen One Not everyone has to be the guy who saves the world Most people just have to live their lives the best they can doing the things that are great for them having great friends trying to make their lives better loving people properly All the while knowing that the world makes no sense but trying to find a way to be happy anywayit's a great blend of fantasy and contemporary fiction as the separate storylines overlap and commingle jealousy and zombie deer the alzheimer's of a beloved grandmother and strange blue glows bickering and bombs prom and portals there's a little cheating since one of the normal kids is also a descendant of the goddess of cats and has a couple of powers of his own but for the most part the problems are familiar ones and they are dealt with in mortal waysbeing a long time lover of cheesy teen horror movies and having finally caved last year and watched buffy there were plenty of nods references and allusions to the chosen one genre that i really appreciated but i appreciated even ness' little reversals Now you're sure we're not going to be ritualistically murdered?Prom night Group of diverse teens Remote cabinThat's not the story that's happening Mel says to him We're not the kind of people that story happens toit's a fun clever book and while it's no More Than This it's way than it appears an rare unfortunate decision on ness' part IMHOwell he hasn't failed me yetand the God of mountain lions???even if that's just a figure of speech i'm soldcome to my blog

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    Really enjoyed this I liked how it poked fun at the Chosen One trope and we see uite a diverse set of characters

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    This is my first Ness book and maybe I picked the wrong bookDon't get me wrong This book wasn't bad bad not in a way that would make me rant and rage about how awful it is It just wasn't to my taste His writing style doesn't connect with me The book was weird and dare I say it before a legion of Ness fans with pitchforks descend upon me really boringI just don't get it Again not my style I prefer excitement a definable plot well written emotions and interactions and this book was a lot of strangeness and too much dialogue and characters I couldn't connect toI like my books with a purpose and I suppose the esteemed Patrick Ness' style is just not for me

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    I AM IN COMPLETE DENIALNo way this book was written by the one and only Patrick NessThat was some real crappy romance Of all the romances in the world this one really sucked Bland Cliché Tedious Uninteresting Unexciting Sleep inducing

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    Oh wow oh wow oh wow This book is incredible and emotional and relatable and OH WOW How does Patrick Ness write like this? Answer he is a wizard I've loved A Monster Calls andA Monster Calls and More Than This So I was like 99% sure that I'd adore The Rest Of Us Just Live Here But I didn't actually know what it was ABOUT except it was NOT about The Chosen One And I had noooo idea it was about families and sibling relationship and end of school and anxiety So give me a moment I just need to hug this book and pronounce it a new favourite Not everyone has to be the Chosen One Not everyone has to be the guy who saves the world Most people just have to live their lives the best they can doing things that are great for them having great friends trying to make their lives better loving people properly All the while knowing that the world makes no sense but trying to find a way to be happy anywayIt's set in the kind of world that's HAD all the weird superhero stuff happen But it happened in the last generation or no one really believed it or it got covered up as some sort of accident So everyone believes in supernatural stuff but they don't Am I confusing? TELL ME THIS MAKES SENSE Which I think is an epic story world Although there was lots of weight on the fact that there's indie kids and normal kids I guess and asked around that indie kid just means the hipster kid So the Peter Parker kind of dude? Anyway That threw me because I'd never heard the term indie kid and it was weird BUT ANYWAY This story focuses on a foursome of completely incredibly normal kids Except of course for the tiny fact that they're not So can we talk about the characters? YES AND PLEASE AND THANK YOU Mikey He's the narrator He's like incredible He's the uiet one the one who feels replaceable He has serious OCD and unreuited love with his sister's best friend and he's just adorable The way he loves his sisters and takes care of them? I ADORE HIM Mel Yes the entire family has names that start with M Worse their last name is Mitchell Nuuuuungh Although I think that's done on purpose SO Mel has had anorexiabasically anxiety The family is built on anxiety it's really sad and entirely relatable I really connected to both Mel and Mikey Their relationship is SO CLOSE and they're there for each other when the other is having an anxiety episode I love sibling relationships Have I ever mentioned that? I LOVE 'EM I also really loved that the book wasn't about Mel falling into anorexia again It was about her journey of moving forward A lot of the time I feel like books are continually about the decline into the abyss So it's nice when they're about the hard crawl upwards Meredith She's the 10 year old youngest And she's adorable She's passionate and clever like she's a genius and I LOVED how the teens included her It wasn't a oh my gosh I haaaate it when my little sister is hanging around They all loved her and took care of her It was so so sweet FJDAJKLS TO THIS ADORABLE FAMILY The Mitchell Parents yeah except they were dead losses Which is odd considering how wonderful their children are Hmm The father is an alcoholic who's basically mentally checked out of the family The mum is so deep into politics nothing else matters for her Jared I liked Jared He was a really epic best friend for Mikey He's gay and big and kind and totally there for Mikey with his anxiety They make it clear they're not a couple although you can definitely see they love each other I guess they love each other in a family way BuuuutI had my doubts sometimes I also got SO MAD at Jared several times view spoiler Like when he loses it at Mikey and says how needy and clingy and whiny Mikey is When he's not And you have to know for someone with anxiety being told their worst fears are true is like driving a spork through their heart He HURT Mikey as hard as he couldI know Mikey was being a pain at that point with JaredNathan But seriously? I lost respect for Jared there And I also can't figure out whey they didn't tell Mikey it was JaredNathan instead of NathanHenna LIKE WHAT??? WHY? So stupid Teenagers UGNNNNHG hide spoiler

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    This book claims to be a parody of popular YA books that feature OTT heroines and plotlines The main characters go to high school in a world much like our own except for the indie kids Indie kids are the nerds with glasses the disgraced prom ueens the child prodigies all those teens that always end up as protagonists in a bad YA novel Every few years the indie kids will thwart some alienvampireghost invasion and save the world killing some unimportant side characters and usually blowing up the school while they're at it The school is rebuilt funerals are held and a few months later everyone has forgotten anything unusual ever happenedThe Rest of Us Just Live Here focuses on the regular students Mickey is a high school senior who just wants to graduate before the indie kids get anyone else killed The story revolves mostly around Mickey's crush on a female friend as well as the problems of his family and close friends The premise is really creative A YA book that's about the Muggles the normies the stunt doubles? Brilliant Each chapter begins with a heading describing what the resident indie kids are up to saving the world from aliens and accidentally unleashing terrible attacks on the regular population These headings were probably my favorite part of the book It was so much fun to hear about these massive plot points being referenced marginally by people as ordinary as Mikey and co It was like following a citizen on presidential election day and hearing them say Is something going on today? What are all these people doing out on the street?In many ways this book was reminiscent of Rainbow Rowell's Carry On The tone the premise especially the focus on deep angsty emotion and mental health I wasn't happy with the resemblance since I've never been a fan of the was Rainbow Rowell writes teen narrators Who in their life ever met a teen as self aware as elouent or as deeply emotional as RR's main characters? All of Patrick Ness's characters are eually unrealistic which was off putting All in all I liked it but not as much as The Knife of Never Letting Go

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    “Not everyone has to be the guy who saves the world Most people just have to live their lives the best they can” If there’s a word that would best describe author Patrick Ness it would be ingenious True the story may not have the most adventurous plot but the premise sure is brilliant and completely original I have personally never thought about the side characters the ordinary people watching Katniss and Peeta fight for their lives in the hellish arenaor the kid watching Spiderman fight the bully at the school hall I doubt anyone has ever thought about them like really thought of them until Patrick NessThis creative story is inventively about a group of teenage non heroes the none “Indie” kids who try to just live their ordinary lives in a small town where zombies soul eating ghosts and vampires are daily ordinary occurrences and where the Indie kids die off one after the other but which isn’t a huge deal because the non heroes are not really affected unless they become one of the “casualties”At first I found the story kind of weird and confusing because of the uniue structure with a small side story about the Indie kids at the start of each chapter but not long after when I finally got the hang of it I started to really enjoy it because the writing is surprisingly easy and funny to read The lack of action in the plot makes perfect sense because the focus of the story is the personal struggle of the individual characters who may not have been chosen as heroes but who are still heroes of their own lives I was surprised at the amount of social issues that were effectively tackled in the novel despite the light and comic tone I was also impressed at the fullness of the development of the characters despite the relatively few pages for a sort of apocalyptic novel and satisfied at the conclusion that would make this standalone contemporaryslight apocalyptic novel one of a kind Lastly I learned from the Author’s Note that the author auctioned off the chance to have the winner’s name in the book for a Red Cross fund raising project to help the countless victims of typhoon Haiyan that devastated the Philippines in 2013 I think I officially love Patrick Ness now 3Thanks to Will’s excellent review that made me read the book Do check out Neil’s awesome review too

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    So since this got a bunch of good reviews I decided to pick this up Just my luck that Target would have autographed first editions of itThe basic premise of this book is that the main characters here are the background players in everything else The funny thing is that this story while YA makes fun of YA tropes and bloated subgenres like vampires or demigods or immortals and kids dying beautifully of cancer That's the whole joke about this book is that it's poking fun at how airheaded YA culture can be sometimes how teens can mindlessly go after the next big thing and turn it into a plague that destroys their brain cells while parents pretend it isn't happeningIt's as if the camera were to pan away from Bella and Edward and start following Anna Kendrick and all of the other nobody characters but without all of the tryhardness of IRL Anna Kendrick that gets really obnoxious The Rest of Us Just Live Here is about the people who have to watch from the sidelines and are never part of the larger story which is probably why this book is very popular it speaks to all the people who weren't popular in school