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in the 2008 film max payne, there s a point in which the gloomy hero is, of course, offered casual sex by this ridiculously beautiful woman aware that payne is mourning the murder of his wife she says something to the effect that he can call out his wife s name as he fucks her ok this is kinda interesting if i was directing i d smash cut to payne pounding away and, yes, squealing his dead wife s name play it straight sad and tragic but also kinda funny and very human offer up a complexity and darkness mainstream movies tend to shy away from of course, payne tosses this preposterously impossibly wildly beautiful woman out, offended at the very idea in movies like this you can t have your hero banging away strange woman or engaging in any kinda deviancy too much complexity there, folks well, there s a whole lot of that shit going on in under the dome, in which the good guys are good and the bad guys are bad i mean reeeeaaaaal bad like gang rape bad, kill your own son bad, mass murderer bad and it s a shame b c there s much to love about this novel.but it s not just the max payne moments, it s the whole picture check it the book s populated with tons of characters and just about all of em are all american folksy types all have backstories and personal tics and behavioral distinctions, but ultimately king s view of human beings and human behavior is kinda narrow and uninteresting strange from a guy with such a fertile imagination for the fantastic but here s what s most frustrating if you re dealing with common folk, it s fun to throw em in extreme situations and watch em crack we ve seen it all over Apocalit lord of the flies, blindness, the road, etc and this is the part i don t get the characters that crack when the dome comes down ARE ALREADY ASSHOLES it s bizarre what s fun about this shit is watching the slow burn of a decent or sane character as they descend into evil or lunacy it s kinda obvious what s gonna happen when dick cheney is tossed into No Exit, ain t it king s bad guys were bad before the dome and once the shit comes down they kill and gang rape with no fore or afterthought how the shit is this interesting has king been too long in the horror genre that he s come to see murder and rape as something akin to jogging around the block or swatting a fly what s great about murder in serious works of art and make no mistake this novel means to be a serious work of art is not the murder itself but all which surrounds it.i happen to believe that human existence is kaleidoscopically demented and deranged and far weirder than it appears on the surface the most normal of us are revealed to be sucking cock in airport bathrooms, talking to snakes or burning bushes or interplanetary beneficiaries, etc in short, i appreciate people like david lynch not in that he offers an alternative to the humdrum of daily existence but that he throws to the forefront what is actually happening behind closed doors i reject king s view of the world in that it lacks moral complexity, it lacks the true stink of human existence blue velvet is heightened for sure, but it reveals what small town americana feels like it is edward hopper to stephen king s norman rockwell and really what s with all the banter king has nearly every single character speak as if they were a precocious 13 year old people say shit like i d tell you but then i d have to kill you or that s why they pay me the big bucks as if this was the height of cleverness and when a man and woman dialogue king s lucky he s a megarich megafamous megastoryteller b c my man has NO GAME i mean check the narrator s description of when our hero finally gets laidWant to he asked Yes Do you He took her hand and put it on his jeans, where how much he wanted to was immediately evident A minute later he was poised above her, resting on his elbows She took him in hand to guide him in Take it easy on me, Colonel Barbara I ve kind of forgotten how this thing goes It s like riding a bicycle, Barbie said.Turned out he was right anywaythe good gobs of it what king might lack in his basic presentation of human behavior he almost makes up for in his evocation of a kind of horrible and ineffable beauty amidst this mash up of sci fi political allegory there are scenes of true beauty and a kind of gritty poetry as the town descends into a Hobbesian nightmare one that sticks out as pollutants and dust and pollen collect on the roof of the invisible dome, the townspeoples view of the sky is skewed, the sky itself appears different sunsets seem as when a volcano explodes, a deep rich burning red and the night sky a meteor shower appears as streams of pink and red slashing the sky to bits and minus the leatherhead parts, the final fireball and survivor sequence haunted the hell outta me some seriously horrifying stuff so, yeah my first foray into stephen king badass bestseller horror iconic motherfucker and inspiration behind this terrific terrific terrific song read 1072 pages in just under a week and that s no small feat i d like to share a beer, mr king, get to know you do i wanna tear through your oeuvre we ll see that my own apocalyptic literature portmanteau, thank you very much On An Entirely Normal, Beautiful Fall Day In Chester S Mill, Maine, The Town Is Inexplicably And Suddenly Sealed Off From The Rest Of The World By An Invisible Force Field Planes Crash Into It And Fall From The Sky In Flaming Wreckage, A Gardener S Hand Is Severed As The Dome Comes Down On It, People Running Errands In The Neighboring Town Are Divided From Their Families, And Cars Explode On Impact No One Can Fathom What This Barrier Is, Where It Came From, And When Or If It Will Go AwayDale Barbara, Iraq Vet And Now A Short Order Cook, Finds Himself Teamed With A Few Intrepid Citizens Town Newspaper Owner Julia Shumway, A Physician S Assistant At The Hospital, A Selectwoman, And Three Brave Kids Against Them Stands Big Jim Rennie, A Politician Who Will Stop At Nothing Even Murder To Hold The Reins Of Power, And His Son, Who Is Keeping A Horrible Secret In A Dark Pantry But Their Main Adversary Is The Dome Itself Because Time Isn T Just Short It S Running Out Stephenking 1075 , 14075%Revival21The RevivalMr Mercedes107521 1803. , , , , , , , , , 27 , , 1075 7 , , 5 2015 25 2015 2 2007. 1976 100 2007 It The Stand More like 3 1 2 stars This is my first full fledged Stephen King novel, so I m not sure how it measures up against other King classics like The Stand, It, Salem s Lot, or Carrie Sure, I ve read The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, but only because it was described as a young adult novel King lite, if you will I have spent most of my life actively avoiding Stephen King and here s my story as to why Mr King and I parted ways before I even read anything by him When I was but a wee little girl, full of innocence and a precocious love of reading, my mom was also a voracious reader As I was consuming Little House on the Prairie books my earliest encounter with book rape thanks, grandma and Nancy Drew, I began noticing that mom was always reading these big ass books with KING running down the spine When she wasn t reading these books, they were always placed on top of the refrigerator which was well out of my grasp Eager for us to share this love of reading Mom curiously had no interest in the plight of the Ingalls family , I begged and pleaded to be allowed to read the King books Gee, wouldn t it be fun if Mom and I read the same books Then we could talk about them I thought Days, weeks, months went by and, eventually, my constant wheedling became too much She relented, but the deal was that she would pick the scene I was allowed to read She chose a particularly horrific and descriptive scene from The Stand I read with increasing horror Nancy Drew never encountered messed up shit like this When I finished that scene, I handed the book over and never asked to read King again And I stepped lightly around Mom from that day forward I suddenly understood that, if that woman snapped, it would be ugly and she would know what to do with the bodies Therefore, unlike most teenagers, I skipped over the desire to consume everything King between junior high and high school And this brings us to present day and my first King novel At 1,072 pages, this is definitely a doorstop of a book However, it reads fairly quickly My main complaint is that many of the characters are one dimensional stereotypes There are no shades of gray in the small town of Chester s Mill At first, this bothered me however, I think maybe individual characters had to be sacrificed in order to portray the real character small town America and how it reacts to cataclysmic events If King shorthands individual characterizations, he nails the panic and herd like mentality that takes over when uncertainty is the order of the day.The premise of the novel, as blatantly presented by the title, is that Chester s Mill one day finds itself cutoff from the outside world by a mysterious dome that perfectly conforms itself to the borders of Chester s Mill In the days ahead, the people wait and worry as the United States government desperately tries to free them As hope begins to dwindle, reason is in short supply as people trade in their humanity for mass hysteria and panic.The dome is not, however, the ultimate villain in this tale The real villain is Big Jim Rennie, the town selectman who has been waiting for just such a clustermug so that he can claim control of the town Big Jim is the most vile type of Christian, one who believes that being able to quote scripture and abstain from saying cuss words is all it takes to be amongst God s chosen Big Jim does everything in the belief that God is on his side and damn anyone who tries to get in his way, for not only are they his enemies, but enemies of Christianity itself It is possible to have religion without true faith, and Big Jim is proof of that He has customized his religion to serve his needs indeed, his belief in God is littlethan a manifestation of his own belief in himself as superior, as chosen, to be above all others It appears that my review may be destined to be as long as the book, so I ll cut it short Weaknesses there are a few clunker sentences that pulled me out of the story, there is an abundance of detail that I could have lived without, and I was disappointed in the reason for the dome because it seemed so obvious Strengths King deftly keeps his cast of characters straight and realistically interacting with one another, he captures the terror and bovine like stupidity that takes over when day to day life is disrupted and threatened, there are some colorful cuss words that I hope to employ in the near future, and there s a catastrophic scene toward the end that is one of the most terrifying and well written that I ve ever read Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder Man, I really hope no one ever tries to make me choose my favorite King book, because I would never be able to make a decision Every time I read one of his books, I m absolutely blown away by the amazing writing style and by how fast the sometimes massive amount of pages fly by.Even though this story was once again told in great detail, I never felt like scenes were unnecessarily drawn out I thought the plot progressed at an appropriate speed with a fitting development I would say that the story in general had many realistic aspects The concept of a dome suddenly appearing over a town might sound outlandish and far fetched, but the execution was done in a very believable way The characters behaved in completely normal and humane ways both good and bad, calm and agitated.At first I was quite intimidated by the big number of different characters I got to know them pretty well rather fast though, as they were all described in good and memorable ways They all had several facades to them, which made them very authentic and somethan others lovable I m sure that you would find all these types of people in a real town Stephen King just knows how many different character traits there are in the world and he never fails to include many of them This helps immensely to paint a picture of a town and all the different people that live in it.He also knows how to write out of the perspective of all those different kind of people It doesn t matter if we see the viewpoint of a man or a woman, a child or a senior, an established wealthy person or a messy alcoholic, or even in some instances a dog He manages to hit the nail on the head with every single perspective Sometimes, the story was suddenly told by an outside narrator and a different tense I often find these sudden changes in the middle of a story confusing and rather annoying, but of course King knows how to do it in the right way and use it to his advantage He only uses this tactic sparsely, which is what makes the story feel evenintense once past tense changes into present tense It really helps to deliver the point the story is trying to make.Lastly, I also would like to show my appreciation for the little ordinary things included throughout the book Despite all the drama and all the things that happen, there is still time found for a mum wanting her son to clean his room, kids playing games and so on This adds another layer of realism, which makes me love this book even . Here s a nightmare scenario A mysterious disaster occurs The area is completely cut off from any outside help Resources are limited People are confused and scared And Dick Cheney is in charge.That terrifying idea is what makes Under the Dome one of the best books King has done.Chester s Mill, Maine, is a typical Stephen King small town, filled with people both good and criminally insane One fall day, a force field crashes down around the area, causing a fair amount of carnage and disaster The Dome is quickly found to be impenetrable, and while the townspeople can communicate with the outside world via cell phones or wireless internet, they re essentially on their own If the situation wasn t bad enough, the town is now in the hands of Big Jim Rennie.Forget about Randall Flagg or Annie Wilkes or the Crimson King or Pennywise the Clown Big Jim, a used car salesman and town selectman, is King s scariest villain ever Why Because America lived through a Big Jim like reign after 9 11, and it s all too easy to picture how much worse it could have gotten while reading this book.King isn t very subtle in the allegory here Chester s Mill is the stand in for America, and Big Jim is obviously based on Cheney, a corrupt political weasel hiding behind the dim witted first selectman of the town as a front to cover up his shenanigans He doesn t drink or smoke and talks about his love for Jesus, but Big Jim is utterly ruthless about destroying his enemies And to Big Jim, just disagreeing with him makes you an enemy.Big Jim has spent years refusing to spend money on needed town improvements while involved in all kinds of criminal enterprises While he demands total power and authority, he s actually completely incompetent at leadership except for placing blame and manipulating people When the Dome comes down, his first concern is covering up his criminal activity, but he quickly realizes that with the outside world at bay, he can create his own little dictatorship inside the bubble And of course, he s doing it for the good of the town A small group of people realize what Rennie is doing and try to stop him, but they vastly overestimate what the threat of eventual punishment from the outside will do They just can t believe that anyone would actually go as far as Big Jim is prepared to do, and while the federal government tries in vain to assert its authority, Big Jim is all too happy to thumb his nose at them and continue to consolidate power even as the air inside the Dome is getting awfully stale.King s always been terrific at depicting the strengths and weaknesses of a small town in books like Salem s Lot or Needful Things, but this is something different He claims that he s had the idea for this book since the mid 70s, but never completed it because the science of what would happen within the Dome was beyond him Delay may have been a blessing, I don t think this would have been the same book if it wasn t for the Bush Cheney administration after 9 11.It s being routinely pointed out in various reviews that the plot here is eerily similar to The Simpson s Movie where the government puts a giant dome over polluted Springfield I ve read an interview where King claims that he had no idea about this until the book was written and someone told him I m going to cry bullshit on that He writes a column about pop culture for Entertainment Weekly and has played himself on the show I find it really hard to believe that he somehow missed The Simpson s Movie having a giant dome in it It s very weird that none of the people within the Dome ever mention the movie since King has never been shy about incorporating pop culture references before.But that s nitpicking and doesn t change the fact that this story and Big Jim scared the crap out of me I grew up in a small town, and I could easily think of some of the locals who would have tried to take over after a crisis if left unchecked, and some of them probably would have been worse than Big Jim and his crowd of hand picked bullies Although this is a huge book and King has been bad about over writing in the past, this one flies by and I actually found myself wanting a littledetail about some of the people since many of them don t get much of a wrap up I was a shade disappointed in the eventual explanation to the cause of the Dome, and how it is resolved, but overall, this is going to end up being one of my favorite Stephen King books. in brief, because i am nearly starting my first day of readers advisory class yay and i have to prepare mentally for the schoolplace after the long break, plus i m not really in the mood to write this review what with salinger and all casting a pall over my day, but book report compulsion gets the best of me, so this book whole lotta length, not much depth and as any lady will tell youetc etc i don t have a problem with stephen king i stopped reading him when i was a teenager not because i felt better than him or was too snobby for mass market fiction, but because gerald s game was so so so laughably bad that i could not carry on oh, god even thinking about it now makes me chuckle a little bit go, read it it is dreadful but the stand i think is a bunch of fun, and i have read that one a number of times king is also the only author to terrify me to this day with a story i read when i was about 7 or 8 on my way to the fair yeah, i know, but what better to read trapped in a car on the way to some fair and even thinking about it now the boogeyman gives me delicious shivers.this one started off pretty good engaging plot, fast paced, numerous characters to keep straight in the head but thenit just goes nowhere while going everywhere, you know much of it seems tacked on, in a way he attempts to give the charactersdimensions than they deserve and he somehow fails to follow through with this promise by trying to complicate them, he makes their shallowness stand out evenbad guys melt in the face of abandoned children, good guys have secret shady pasts but i m not buying it all the action takes place in about a week, even though this thing is the size of the bible which is muchwilling to sacrifice some details in the interest of economy learn from god, s.k we like a little mystery i am a huge fan of the aftermath novel, but i think i prefer a littletime to have passed before the story begins when we had the blackout here in nyc, and we allll had to walk home to our respective boroughs, vendors were handing out bottled water along the way and the atmosphere was actually kind of fun if this had lasted longer than it did, those vendors would probably be huddled in their bodegas, guarding their chips and gum like gold and that s when it gets interesting it s true there is some bad behavior in this book some hugely antisocial behavior but no one seems panic stricken, until provoked come on, maine, act like survivors stop making pancakes for everyone and hoard some shit.there are cool moments how the dome affects pacemakers is pretty awesome, there is some nice description in places of sunsets, meteors, nightgowns also a shout out to librarians smart stephen king, smart and i like it when authors name drop themselves in their books if stephen king were on he would be a total votewhore, say these two facts the resolution is just awful truly i was hoping for something really cool, or at least plausible comprehensible it was like the happening in my epic disappointment, only this took longer than 2 hours to get through ON MY VACATION i am scattered right now i will probably tidy up my thinking on this book later, but i wanted to get a start while it was mostly fresh in my head it was overlong, and i hated the ending, but fun enough for me to not hate it overall but i have no desire to reread it ever, the way i did with the stand, several times over schooltime now okay school is over i had one other thing to say I AM NOT FLOATING but here is the good librarian comment who better to recruit than a librarian when you re dealing with a fledgling dictatorship yes sir but so this is about language, and i might be nitpicking a huge book s tiny problem, but while i love and will in the future use king s word joyshit , it troubles me that he uses debark instead of disembark , which is justelegant and honestly, i have never heard the word debark , and i thought he made it up he hadn t and also, he should know the difference between unbelievingly and disbelievingly just things that stuck out in my jerky mind that i felt would be exciting to share was it come to my blog Pink Stars Are Falling Flat Earthers would go crazy for this story Get to the centre and jump in To leave the Matrix At least that is what they did in the TV show to escape the dome and appear outside Is Stephen King basing this book on the Flat Earth Model The inner realm Agartha Shamballa New Jerusalem Eden . UPDATE ON THE TV SERIES 8 14 2013 I gave up I ve been watching onPrime because I hate commercials But not even Mike Vogel Barbie s pretty face can make me overlookof the filmmaking infelicities of the show I didn t expect the book on screen I did expect the show to follow the rules of TV storytelling and not just dump plotlines they set up Not for me.UPDATE ON THE TV SERIES 6 24 2013 in 5sec cute boys, dirty pols, meanass bitches weeks of fun Junior is perfect, sociopathic little shit Barbie is too young and too pretty, thank GOODNESS, to be true to the book and the amount of writing talent is adequate to the task, but nothan that.YET MORE INFO The trade paper edition of this doorstopper is out It s 19.99 Remember when that was a hardcover book s top price My review is also at Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud.Rating 4.25 of fiveThe Book Report Chester s Mills, Maine, is having itself an ordinary morning, and its citizens are gettin up to all the usual things Spending too much of their husband s money, killing girls, beating up people they don t like and driving them out of town, making evil brews, only thing missing really is a bonfire and a faggot Business as usual for the human race, in other words WHAM Down comes the Dome.No way in, no way out, no one can understand the nature, the origin, or the purpose of the Dome inside or outside of it National security issues crop up The town misfit, an Iraqi war vet, is called back into national service to solve the mystery And then things get really ugly The local used car salesman takes control.Think Nixon with a mean streak and a Big Fat Secret to protect From Bad to Worse could be the subtitle of every Stephen King novel, but this time it s so so so so bad and then it gets so so so much worse that the reader is calling out to Divine Providence for the mercy of Deathand then comes The Twist The Dome is revealed to bebut no, you have to read it.My Review Stephen King what Chuckles the Dick would ve been if he d had talent.Just sayin.I hated liking this book I resented the demands on my gouty wrists and fingers, supporting its mammoth weight, flipping the pages faster and faster and faster as I gotandsucked in to the story I snorted snobbily at myself, caught up in this not terribly sophisticated narrative None of which stopped me finishing the book and sighing with mitigated contentment at its sudsy, gloriously cinematically trajectory I can see the miniseriesI want to see the miniseries soon please unfold in my mind It s what Stephen King does brilliantly Tells you a story of human nature, irrefutably making points that need making about Mankind and its flaws, while wringing your withers with fear, excitement, and sadness.The Dome was a really cool narrative device I liked its unknowability, I was completely on board with mystery forces causing it who knows whyand then we find out why I wasn t especially interested in that part, and felt it was a tidge unimaginitive coming from Mr Shock and Awe himself.Ehso whatI had over 1000pp of reading pleasure It s like potato chip sex The kind you have because you can It still feels good, and no way are you gonna stop just because it s meaningless I suppose this last isn t comprehensible to my girly readers of either gender Relax Enjoy Don t think too much You ll end up in a much better mood than you started out in This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. 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